Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tidbits of fun..and Halloween too

How can you resist this face?
To go with the theme of catching up on birthday's, my niece turned 11! WOW! Can you tell what she likes? That's right the Cowboy's! My other niece also turned 5 and she LOVES pink. My nephew turned 7 and loves Army stuff. What little boy wouldn't? Have I mentioned I love doing this? Even if I yell and scream and it never turns out the way I want.

Halloween was great. Grandma and Grandpa Martinez came over and too the kids out trick or treating. Zach was an army guy, Jake was a black ghost and Hannah was...a witch for the fourth year in a row. Now you are probably wondering about Jake's costume. You see, I got Zach and Jake's costume at Walmart the previous year after Halloween for 90% off. Well Zach was fine, but Jake really wanted to be a ghost. So even though it was a GI Joe costume, I pretended it was a black ghost costume and he fell for it! Of course he is only three and can be talked into anything. Poor Hannah, she just decided to use her SAME costume because she didn't want to bother with picking something else out. My kind of girl!

And the cousins..


Heather Rigby said...

Bella, she is too cute. I love that first picture of her.

M & S Eagar said...

Bella - your cakes look cute. What a fun's not one I have. Thanks for the catch up.