Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of School

Things have been going well here in good ole' Nuevo Mexico. I have mixed feelings about the kids starting school, especially Zach who will be going full day. He of course, LOVED it and had no problem with it whatsoever. Jake kept asking to go pick him up because he was used to him being home with him. Even though these kids fight, man do I miss them when they are not with me!
The kids are doing well and have adjusted nicely. Hannah had joined a little song and dance thing that somebody in our ward does. My camera died the second I got there so I didn't get any pictures, and I am just waiting for somebody in my ward to send them to me. She did so good and had a little dance solo. She was so cute and I loved it! Jon felt tortured because he hates this kind of stuff and he knows it is just the beginning! We have kept pretty busy with the library and swimming. I am so proud of my Zach, who if you knew him, knows he has been afraid of water FOREVER. He can proudly hold his breath and dive under the water. He wanted to keep up with his cousin, so I think that really helped him get over his fear. Jake is the first one up in the morning, always at 6 or before, and sleeps pretty much all over the house. I wake up to find him, under our bed, beside our bed, in the hallway and on the floor in his bedroom. I'm fine with it as long as he doesn't wake me up. Ella is so good, getting over another round of teething and is sleeping again. HALLELUJAH! She is fast becoming a little girl and no longer a baby. She doesn't like to be left out by her siblings and has learned the screeching sound that her brother so kindly taught her. As for Jon and me, we are doing well. Jon is really enjoying his job and the people he works with. Although he says it feels weird to admit a patient to himself instead of his attending. I am keeping busy with all things that have to do with the kids and the house. I still feel like we are not here permanently, but it will sink in soon. Enjoy!