Thursday, August 6, 2015

Girls Camp 2015

Just got back from Girls Camp....I'm tired...that's it for now...zzzzzz

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lake Powell 2015

Right now my life consists of Girls Camp! Man oh man.  Hordes of stuff piled around my house, different rooms, my dining room table and my bedroom.  Poor Jon, he's handling this really well and has been patient will all this "stuff".  We just returned from Lake Powell with Jon's side of the family.  It's been a few years since we've been there and the kids (including myself) were REALLY excited! It did not disappoint.  It was fabulous! I remember one year where it was SO HOT the first day and I was so miserable I didn't know if I could continue on for four more days.  This year, the weather was great! Evenings were a little windy but I would rather the wind to cool down while we are trying to sleep.  It honestly made my heart so happy to see Jon be able to spend QUALITY time with the kids.  As an adult, Lake Powell is not the carefree fun that I remember even before we had kids.  It is planned, planned again, work, clean, work, clean and reminders of sunscreen and wearing your hat!  But it is also a time that we get to spend with our entire family fishing, boating, swimming, and YES eating.  We play games together, the kids play together.  I watched Jon patiently teach our boys to fish.  To tie on their lures, only to have them "catch".  To do it again and again.  To show Ella how to cast her first fishing pole over and over.  To take Hannah out boating time and time again on Big Bertha (inner tube).  One special moment this trip is when we were on Uncle Pinky's pontoon boat jumping off cliff's and the boys were struggling to swim to the boat.  I was on the boat telling them they had to swim a little faster because the current was moving us right into them.  (No, not in a dangerous way just in a way they had to move!)  Well Hannah swam first got there and went back for Jake first and pulled him to the boat first and then went back and grabbed Zach and helped him up and then last, came up herself.  I didn't say anything but I treasured that little bit of heaven.  It is so rare to see these kids show love for each other.  You might laugh at that but then you don't have kids and CLEARLY don't understand.

Well another year down in the books!  Enjoy!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Breakdown of my life....

I have to tell you, this summer has been different. It is slowly dawning on me that these four munchkins, are not munchkins anymore but little people.  My whole life has been moved to "that next phase".  I know all you moms have heard about it.  Just wait until they are older and you are going to miss them snuggling you, NEEDING you, and loving you. To begin, I feel there are endless stages of life but these are the ones I have personally lived through and are in my inherit future.   So, here's the list:
1. Baby #1: Such a darling, so beautiful. Look at this baby we created together.  I am so fulfilled, except I'm a little bored because they don't talk to me and all they do is eat, sleep (during the day and not at night), and poop (all over EVERYTHING! Blowouts!).  I mean, look how beautiful this child is?! Umm, I sort of miss work but I am SO FULFILLED...right? No, we can't go to the movies at 10:00 at night anymore, we have a baby and she eats every 20 minutes, but look at her! She's so worth it! Man, I miss sleep. zzzzzz Sorry I dozed off there for a second. Oh, isn't she beautiful?

2. Drowning in babies:  I refer to this when I had all four kids under the age of 7 and, although I do look back on it with fond memories.  I remember crying, A LOT...both my kids and myself. I remember NEVER, EVER sitting down.  Which sort of made me think, why was I not skinnier! I NEVER sat down!! I was running all day, every day, and all night.  Anyways, I digress.  You are making it through each day, each hour the best you can.  There are good special moments, you love your kids, but man your tired.  Monotony is very present in your life and for me atleast, my husband was busy trying to provide for these kids and go to school, or training or whatever.  But, you've got a handle on it now, you are NEVER EVER, EVER, EVER BORED.  Getting away without the kids is a MUST and having good friends is a necessity.  This was the sloppy kisses, spilled milk, never ending playdates, crafts, teaching moments, etc that made me love being a mom.  Multi-task? No problem,  I can pretty much do anything one-handed while stirring the macaroni and cheese with my feet and changing a diaper while having a conversation on the phone all at once! I am woman, Hear me Roar!

3. All the kids are in school: So, this next stage is my stage.  All my babies that consumed my life have all gone away to school.  My youngest started kindergarten, and now I have FREE TIME! I get to catch up on shows that have been in my DVR for YEARS (sorry babe, I keep saying one day I WILL watch them) WOOHOO!! Oh wait, I volunteer at my littlest every week in her class, oh yea and at my 2nd.  Oh wait, there's a party and YOUR ROOM MOM! My 3rd has a project due, sports, sports, sports. Why am I never Home!! What happened to being home all day and not wanting to take all the kids to the grocery store? Wait, I've been to the grocery store 5 times this week. That's ridiculous. Grocery Bill is doubled with these kids appetite. Oh man, I have to start making a pork chop for EACH kid instead of having them ALL share one.  They haven't hugged me once today, or asked me wipe their bum (you know this happens), or kiss a boo boo.  They are pretty self-sufficient, get themselves dressed, even feed themselves cereal in the morning.  I can *gasp* sleep in a little if I wanted (only is the summer). But, the little moments that they take to talk to you, and YOU take to listen ,because now you are a little more selfish and not used to being their everything anymore. OH YEA, and vacation is getting good! Naptimes are over, for the most part crankiness is minimal (well sort of).

4. Kids start moving out: Now I actually can't talk about this one yet, my oldest is just starting 8th grade.  I am already dreading this next stage! I miss Stage #2 as ridiculous as it sounds. I don't want my kids to leave! But with that also comes good stuff...right? Like my husband and I are more like when we first got married.  Just us...just a little fatter, older and umm wiser? Okay, maybe not but you get it.  Okay, I'll have to come back to this when I'm at this stage because it would be pure speculation or going off of my friends who are at the stage right now.

So, as I watched my friends kids this last week made me think of these stages in life.  I had her baby and her 3 year old and my four, plus my oldest had a friend over. I had forgotten what its like to do the one-handed cooking, while another was pulling on your leg.  I didn't sit down once, not even to feed the baby.   I was tired...and as much as I miss the "drowning in babies" stage, I am so thankful where I am in life.  I really do have the best of both worlds..(Oh Hannah Montana now I'm quoting you). I love that each child will seek me out and actually do still want me around.  They still do want to snuggle, and talk to you.  They want you at everything (atleast right now), and still say I love you.  They are young enough to be kids still and not young enough that I have to do EVERY SINGLE thing for them. So, I guess the moral of the story is just enjoy where you are in life.  It will end...unfortunately/fortunately.  How can I not just love these kids!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ending the school Year

Okay, so not so good with the re-starting up but oh well.  We are ending the school year and it makes me happy that they will be with me again and sad because they are growing older and more independent every year.  It has been an adjustment this year, this independence thing has been hard on only me.  Jon just rolls with the punches and the attitudes and handles it while I am having a harder time letting go.  We have been so busy lately though and have a busy summer.  I was called as Assistant Stake Camp Director and it has been crazy getting ready for this endeavor.  Of course I am so excited and I LOVE  being with the girls but I'm already tired just thinking about it. I was released from Young Women's and that has been an adjustment.  I have been in Young Women's what seems like my entire married life so far, but if I am honest I was ready.  I am now the Ward compassionate service leader and it's going great!  Jon got released as YM President and is now the Gospel Doctrine Teacher and he absolutely LOVES IT! And I have to admit, he's pretty good at it and I love his lessons. He can really relate it to now and in a way that is less intimidating.  We are gearing up for lots of camping trips and our bi-annual Lake Powell trip and Boy Scout camps, and swimming lessons and basketball camps and volleyball camps and LOTS OF down time hopefully! 

Jon and I went to Cabos San Lucas in April and it was just the two of us and it WAS FANTASTIC! AMAZING! Just what the doctor ordered!


I have been a slacker and haven't taken that many pictures this year! It makes me sad, so we are leaving town this weekend and I will have plenty of pictures for you!

One amazing thing that has happened is our little Jakey got baptized. He was able to be baptized on his actual birthday with all his little friends, Ashton and Andrew and Bode and Aubrey.  They were so cute and I am so proud of him for making this decision.  This little boy has such a sensitive heart and is a little cuddler.  (Unless we are at school then there is a no hug rule).  He loves his big brother Zach and looks up to him so much.  He pretty much idolizes Zach and hates being left behind if Zach goes to a friends house.  Luckily Zach loves him too and brings him everywhere he goes. 
Here's to this summer and all the fun to be had and swimming to be swam.  I am so thankful for my beautiful children and my loving husband.  Even when they drive me insane and I can't stand them.