Wednesday, December 23, 2009


So, this year I was debating whether or not to take family pictures. I won't go into detail, let's just say it's vain and not really a good reason. I am also, if you know me, cheap. We went over to our friends' house, the Bean's, and took turns taking pictures in her house because it was too cold to go outside. You can't beat free and with a little work we were able to get a few pics. The kids didn't last long though and having 7 children running around not wanting to take pictures, and only wanting to play does not make it easy. I think it was pretty impressive that we actually got a few with our own children in it. And yes, I realize that I don't have an individual of Zach, let's just say he was tired. I'll get one of him later!
Hannah age 7 Jake age 2 1/2 Ella 3 months
Han's best friend, Ashlyn
Merry Christmas everyone!

Friday, November 20, 2009

New saw me standing alone..without a tear in my heart, without a love of my own...

Yes, you know I am an addict and I have the pictures to prove it. Last night was the midnight showing for New Moon. I have to be honest and say, I LOVED IT!!! I thought it was so much better than Twilight and I thought the acting was so much better. There is only one scene I didn't like, but I won't spoil it for everyone who hasn't seen it yet. Anyways, here are some pics and I won't rant and rave because, well, it's only interesting to me! I want to thank my baby for sleeping so I could go and my hubby who walked around with her until I was able to come home and feed her!!! She woke up at 3 and I got home at 3:30ish! Good timing I would say!

Can't wait for Eclipse!!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat and Blessings


Yes, this is what my kids have been singing for the last few days before and after Halloween. Pretty gross huh? hahah Halloween was so much fun. We were so busy with Halloween parties, Jon's parents came to visit, and all kinds of fun. Hannah was a vampire and the boys were horses. They got WAY too much candy, which means we (Jon and me) have been eating WAY TOO much candy.
On Sunday, we were able to bless little Ella. She looked so beautiful and is such a great baby! Grandma and Grandpa Williamson were having a blast with the kiddos this visit and of course, fell in love with Ella.

Monday, the kids skipped school and we went to a museum and out to lunch before the Grandparents had to leave. I know I am biased but dang it, my kids are so darn cute!

Yes, I know, Jon wouldn't give me a good shot! He kept making funny faces but these pics are STILL going to get posted! We had a great time, Thanks for coming out Rod and Barb! OH YEA!! GUESS WHAT?..........New Moon is almost here? Are you ready?

Friday, September 18, 2009

First Day of School and Birthday Fun

First Day of School

Hannah and Zach had their first day of school a few weeks ago. I can't believe my little guy is in kindergarten and I have a second grader! I am getting old! Anyways, we don't have a lot of pics because it's been a bit hectic around here. The kids are liking school and we are back to being busy, busy, busy between school, soccer, and another kid! My parents have been here for the last few weeks and have been great with the kids.
Zach had his 5th birthday and it was really low key, which was nice. We had the Bean's over and just had cake and ice cream because Ella was only a week old. He didn't care and had fun with his gifts. He is such a sweet boy with such a kind heart. He came up to Jon and me the other day and said, "Dad, I don't have a mean bone in my body do I?" He loves Ella so much and is constantly kissing her. He is loving Kindergarten and his teacher and right now he LOVES painting and drawing. He can be found EVERY DAY after school, asking if he can paint and draw. He also refuses to throw away his art, so we have a TON of it.

We have been having so much fun having another baby here and we call her Ponga. Don't ask me why, but that's how it goes. Here is a picture of her at 4 weeks old, isn't she darling? I know I am biased but she is so beautiful and so good! She is almost an exact replica of Hannah. It's funny, I think Jon and I only make one type of boy and one type of girl! Good thing they are cute! I actually wrote this post over a month ago but am just now posting it, so if the dates don't add up, that's why. Elle is almost 2 months old today and is sleeping at night. She only gets up a few times and I couldn't be happier! She is such a mellow, content baby, she even has Jon wrapped around her little tiny finger.
Here is a pic of her at 6 weeks! Anyways, the other kids are doing great. They are AMAZING with Ella and love her....maybe a little too much at times but they are very gentle. I'll be better about updating now that things have quieted down and we've gotten into a routine.

Monday, August 31, 2009

How Many Kids do you have?

We'd like to welcome Ella Jean to our family. She was born on Thursday August 27, 2009 weighing in at 7 lbs 2 ounces and 21 inches long. Her birth was so different from ANY of my other three. Okay for all you people who LOVE to read about birth stories (like me) then read ahead, for those who don''re done! Just look at the pics and comment below! hahaha We arrived at the hospital at 6:00 am for my induction. At around 8:30 they started me on pitocin and then I waited. It was already so different because with my last I was already 6 cm dialated before I was induced and this one I was only 3cm and I was having NO contractions. My friend (Candace) was able to be there for my labor/birth and of course my hubby. We sat around talking until approx. 11:30 to which they broke my water because I wasn't really progressing. After my water was broken I decided to go ahead and get the epidural early because I didn't want to risk not getting one, because I USUALLY go fast once my water breaks. I do need to note that my nurse was HORRIBLE! She was not compassionate, nice or really helpful in any way. She did her job and didn't communicate with me unless it was necessary. I was so glad to have my friend and husband there to support me because I wasn't going to get it from her. Anyways, the doctor arrived 5 minutes later and Jon and Candace had to leave the room. The doctor then prepared for the epidural and they had to stick me three times! Holy cow! While they were finishing up I felt a really hard contraction. They told me to lie down on my side so the epidural could take effect. Anybody else know about this? I've had three other WONDERFUL epidural's and I NEVER had to lie on my side. So being a good patient, I layed down and my contractions were coming REALLY hard. I felt so much pressure that I felt I had to push and not to mention PAIN. Of course, they had excuses saying this was normal and the epidural takes awhile and everything is normal, a little pressure is normal. They also told me that the epidural is working and this is how it's supposed to feel. Jon and Candace show up after this and I am just TRYING to breathe through the contractions and waiting for the epidural to take effect, and yes I am crying. It was hurting so bad I look at Jon and tell him I HAVE TO PUSH. The nurse dismisses this request telling me once again this is normal and how epidurals are supposed to feel. Really? I've had three other one's and I HAVE NEVER FELT THE PAIN I FEEL NOW! Jon asks me if I want the doctor to come look into the epidural because it is obviously NOT working. I tell him, it's too late I feel her coming, I don't have time. Now.....I realize these next few minutes are a bit hazy, I don't remember them clearly and have asked Jon and Candace many times what happened but I will give you my version. I HAVE to push, I feel so much pain and pressure and I FEEL the baby coming down. I never knew what people meant when they said they HAD to push, your body automatically pushes on its own and when people tell you not to, it is almost impossible. I look at Jon and tell him again, I AM GOING TO PUSH. My nurse tells me not to push (big surprise)and Candace tells me to do what I need to do. I am not breathing through these contractions and, I am hurting and this stupid nurse won't listen to me. My husband is trying to calm me and hold my hand and telling me what a good job I am doing. I was SO CLOSE to telling my nurse to, "GET THE HE** OUT OF HERE". Yes, I almost cussed because I had enough of her. After every contraction, I am so whoozy and lightheaded I can't communicate and Jon and Candace tell me that my eyes are rolling in back of my head. I do remember them asking me questions and I couldn't answer them. I was just mumbling and couldn't get my tongue to work until a contraction hit and boy I could sure use my voice then. You might think that this whole ordeal is hours long, but really it has only been about 5 minutes at this time. Well, for the final time I tell them, I have to push and the baby is coming out. The nurse FINALLY looks down there and IMMEDIATELY says....can you guess? Don't push and yells for the doctor to be paged because this baby is coming. Really? You mean what I have been saying is true? Go figure! Anyways, a midwife comes in at this time and the nurse says she needs help, to which she says, I can't, I don't have permission under this doctor (insurance purposes) and I look at Jon thinking, you better get down there and deliver this baby because she is coming even if they don't want her to. Well my body had had enough and that's it, I HAVE to push. Chaos...chaos...somebody else shows up (I don't know who delivered me) and I push. Of course the person who delivers me isn't ready and doesn't have gloves but too bad! Ella Jean is born and for the love, I'm not going to lie it hurt really bad! Ring of fire? Yes, I now know what that is. In between my ramblings I do remember yelling at Candace that I felt like I was going to blow out my um...I'll use PG-13 language...bumhole. hahahah I do remember screaming when I pushed and screaming that I couldn't do it. Jon and Candace were so great during this and listening to me and encouraging me the entire time. I was really lucky to have them there, and really lucky that it was really fast. After Ella was born, I didn't get skin to skin like I did with my others. My bizsnatch nurse's fault. She put Ella off by herself and I tell Jon to go be with her. The nurse is doing...who knows what so I tell Candace to get Ella and bring her to me, she's my freakin baby and the nurse can go to....well...another room if she needs. I prepare to breastfeed her and the nurse comes in and in a loud voice says, NO NO NO NO...I NEED TO RUN TESTS. Ella is taken and guess what she does....she flippin takes her temp and then takes mine....that's it! She hands me the baby and before my placenta is delivered asks me about birth control and if...quote...are you ready? "Are you getting a tubal?" I look at Candace....did she really just ask me that? I, of course, say no I have other plans. Anyways, it took me almost 45 minutes to hold my daughter and nurse her. I wish my doctor was there, she's awesome and was planning on having Jon be a part of the birth and myself and was basically going to let us run the show, of probably wasn't going to turn out that nice anyways, because I was in pain but oh well. I don't think THAT negatively of my experience. I'm not upset that the epidural didn't work, (though I wish it had) I wasn't prepared for the birth but it wasn't long so that's okay. The one thing that is upsetting was that one nurse who made my experience less than it should have been. My other three births were wonderful experiences and I have to say atleast I have a fun birth to talk about. I have a beautiful, healthy little girl and I am so thankful for that fact.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Anniversary Babe!!

I know I am a little late but I just wanted to wish my babe a Happy Anniversary! We celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary on July 16! 10 YEARS!! HOLY COW! I can't believe we've been married a decade already! We had so many plans for our big 10 year anniversary, and getting pregnant really threw those things out the window, especially being THIS pregnant. Oh well! We'll celebrate another year, and hopefully one day do something big. Jon's parents were in town and they babysat for us while we went out to dinner and a movie. Exciting huh? was actually great because I didn't feel the greatest and I didn't want to have to move very much. To start telling you about this day, I need to start back a few days while we were at the zoo. The zoo your thinking? Yes, this whole story begins at the zoo. On Tuesday the 14th of July we went to the zoo with Jon's parents and while there, we were exiting the kangaroo exhibit when I had to go to the bathroom. Surprise huh? hahah I tell Jon I am going and to watch the kids. I come back and look around to find.....only two kids running around him and his Dad. I ask where Jake is, and of course...He's around here...somewhere. I don't panic yet, but we start looking around and realize he is not there. We split up and I start walking/running calling his name. Several people ask me if I am looking for a blonde boy and point me in the direction he was running. Running? Darn it! There is no way I can catch up being this pregnant with a two year old running! As I keep running, people keep pointing me in the direction and finally one person says, "Over there, that lady has him". I run to him, who is oblivious and just smiling ear to ear, and the nice lady was taking him to a zoo worker to report the "missing child". Anyways, forward wind a few days to the day of our anniversary. That morning, we took the kids to the park and then McDonald's for lunch, and then come home for naptime. The older kids had quiet time, and Zach kept coming downstairs whining. Jon and his Dad were off at Home Depot and his mom and I were downstairs. I got fed up with Zach and yelled at him to go to his room and go to bed because he was tired. He goes upstairs crying and I just forget about it. An hour and a half later, Jake wakes up and so I go into his room and start looking for Zach. He's not in his room...he's not in our room, he's not in Hannah's room. I look outside thinking, he must have gone outside instead of his room. Nope! Not there either. Did I mention the front door is open? Okay, I call Jon because I am thinking, he's pulling a trick on me! He knows I got upset about Jake, and now he took Zach because it would be funny. I call him , and nope he doesn't have him. I get a little uneasy and call downstairs to Barbara and ask if Zach is down there. Nope. Okay, I go through every room SCREAMING his name and pulling up sheets and looking underbeds and outside and EVERYTHING. Jon gets home, and I am crying by this point. I can't find him, the door was open, and I really think something bad happened. He goes through all the rooms and closets and beds and outside and down the street and he can't find him. I am getting a little hysterical at this point, and he tells me to calm down because he doesn't want me to go into labor. I go back inside and look more and then (As my mother-in-law points out to me) start mumbling about having to change the kids sheets because they are dirty and I start to undo the beds to wash them. I realize then what I am doing and throw them down realizing I NEED TO FIND MY BOY not wash his sheets. All I can think about is that the last thing I did was yell at him. I go outside again and then I hear Hannah's voice, "We found him mom!" I rush inside and Jon has him in his arms, and he is....sound asleep. Mind you, we have all been SCREAMING HIS NAME for the last 15 minutes! Where did he find him? On our bed in our bedroom. Yes, the same bed that I had pulled all the covers off and didn't think to look under the pillows and pull them off. I can't stop crying....hormones right? We leave for our anniversary date in a few hours and I am just a basketfull of hormones and aching a little bit. We went to Benihana's for dinner, which I had never been to, and then went and saw the Harry Potter Movie (Jon is not a fan but I am!). It was a good night, but I fell asleep a few times during the movie, and I didn't feel that well and I was glad to get home to bed! We had a great week with Jon's parent's and I haven't uploaded the pics yet, but I will edit them in later. I am so lucky to be married to my husband. He is an amazing man and works so hard at his profession, his church calling and his home life. Thank you Jon for being the father to my almost four children and being a support to me during these 10 years! I love you!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New York Fun

Uncle Brian's Cabin

In June, we were able to visit Jon's Uncle Brian's Cabin in New York! We had so much fun and the kids loved it! Hannah even got her first ride in a canoe (sorry no pics). We spent time hiking, canoeing, and swimming. I also am posting a BEAUTIFUL pic of me at 29 weeks! I told you I won't be camera shy! Love it or hate it!