Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jake Walking

This isn't a very good video because it was hard for me to get one while trying to hold onto him at the same time...anyways...I can't believe how much he is growing up! This is for the grandparents!

I haven't posted pics in a little while. Here's a good one. This is what happens when you go upstairs for a few minutes and leave your boys alone with you coupons that you are cutting and organizing

Here is Zach all decked out. He looks like this EVERYDAY! the boy has to have his weapons.

Jennie and Candace, these are for you! THEY WERE SOOOOO GOOD!! Next time I will chop the pecans up though!

Well, that is about it right now!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tag...although I didn't get tagged hahah

20 years ago...I was in Ms. Lucero's second grade class. I remember Halloween because I wanted to be a witch and was so excited because my mom had bought "really cool" makeup that glittered and was green to put on me for the "walk around the school" where they judged your costume. I KNEW I was going to win, I waited and waited for my mom but she never showed. I walked around the school crying because now I wasn't going to win and didn't get to wear the makeup. I saw my mom while I was walking and I knew she felt bad, turns out my mom's car wouldn't start, she locked herself out of the house and couldn't get there in time and finally got a ride to the school. Reminds me of things yet to come for me.

10 years ago...I was a senior in highschool, about ready to graduate. I was the President of the Student Council, in honor society, in MESA, in an All-Star College Cheerleading group (which I was one of the youngest, still being in highschool, and loved being in plays and the drama club..well if you call it a club. I was excited to go to Prom, only to get basically dumped a week before prom because I didn't want him as a boyfriend. Come on guys, really, I just wanted to date a lot of guys! You should understand that! haha My 18th birthday was forgotten by EVERYONE, except my good friend Heather Jewell (Rigby now), and we ate tons of icecream at her house. After graduation, I took a trip with my friend Kat to Utah and also met Jon at the end of this year, and dear-johned my boyfriend (missionary). This year was so much fun!

5 years ago.. I had been married for almost 4 years and Hannah was a year old. We were just looking into Podiatry school and planning to apply for the next year and decided to go ahead and apply for this year and was accepted. We were making plans to move to Des Moines,IA. I was also working at Highpoint Sports and Wellness Gym in the Childcare so I was able to take Hannah with me. We hung out with the Reitz's and Rigby's almost every weekend and we miss them!!!

3 years ago.. We were living in Des Moines and Hannah was almost 3 and Zach was 5 months old. We found such good friends and loved living in Iowa. I loved the people and where we lived and all of my friends. I remember we lived next to this couple that was forever getting into fights and getting called the cops on. I even remember him sleeping in his car some nights! haha My life basically consisted of taking Hannah to pre-school, working out and hanging out with my friends.

1 year ago..We were getting excited to graduate and have a baby #3 and buy a house. I couldn't believe that we had lived in Des Moines for almost 4 years and I was so sad because everyone was leaving and we were moving farther away from family. I was feeling overwhelmed with the thought of three kids. I couldn't wait to move for residency and start this new chapter and of course move into a house!

So far this year..I have loved living in a house and painting and redecorating it. Hannah has started Kindergarten which has been so great! I feel like I constantly clean, clean, clean. I joined a gym and then quit the gym. I found Craigslist and started going crazy, bought new bunkbeds and a Bowflex. Had a hard time getting Jake on a schedule and getting through residency.

Yesterday..I woke up and got out the door by 8:30. Went to Rite-Aid, Walgreens, and CVS for rebate shopping. Came home put away groceries, put Jake down for a nap, worked out while the kids played, fed them lunch, took Hannah to school, went Grocery shopping at Meijer. Got home, put more groceries away. I ate lunch, took a shower, picked Hannah up from school, came home and put Jake down for his second nap. Started dinner, Jon got home, we ate...bath..etc..hahah WENT TO BED!

Tomorrow...Well it is supposed to snow, but on Wednesday's I babysit two little boys, except if school is out because their mom works for the school. two little kids, do laundry, clean...maybe. haha (okay, I am editing because I haven't posted this yet but we had a snow day so I didn't have to babysit. Instead, Candace came over and we rented Becoming Jane and had a total girl fest at my house while the kids went rampant. We actually got a whole hour to ourselves while we had everyone down for "quiet time". It was awesome! Thanks Candace!)

This year..I am DETERMINED to lose the baby weight. I refuse to have another baby while I am at this weight and even though we are done...haha RIGHT JON? I still want to get healthy. I want to read my scriptures more and spend time with the kids doing more stimulating things. READ BREAKING DAWN UNINTERRUPTED AND WATCH the upcoming movie TWILIGHT while having a girls only rule. I refuse to take my husband to watch this movie, it is a girls' only fest. I also want to have a date night regularly with my husband even if it means paying a babysitter.