Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beaner Vacation to Reno

Look who we just saw!
We just got back from Reno, NV to visit our friends the Beaners. Honestly, I love these people! They are my family, the sister I never had. We fight like sisters, we love like sisters, and our kids love each other so much. When we first left NM we landed in Las Vegas and our next flight was postponed due to weather in Reno. (This was after we had loaded onto the plane and sat for awhile and luckily they let us get off.) It was one of the worst snow storms they had had this year and we were afraid they were going to cancel the flight. Not that it is horrible to be stranded in Vegas, but that's one less day visiting with the Beans. A few hours later we boarded again and were on our way. As we were arriving to Reno the weather was horrible. Our plane was all over the place, and poor little Hannah suffered. I thought she was going to puke all over and of course I will be honest I was no better. As we were preparing to land the plane suddenly pulled up and hit the gas because the wind was throwing us and we were not able to land. We were pretty much going straight up and then we evened out which made us all airborne for a few seconds. Luckily the kids were strapped tight, me, not so much. We circled that airport for about 30 minutes and we were finally able to land. I have never been happier to get off that plane. The boys slept through everything and Hannah and I made it without losing our lunch.

Since we were late getting there we just went back to their house and hung out and got dinner. The next morning we went to the Children's Museum and had so much fun. I think the adults had more than the kids. Between the dance, dance, dance and rock climbing wall, and the skinny mirror we were in heaven.

horrible picture, but you gotta love dance, dance, dance.

After the museum we went out to lunch and then went back to Beaners house to get ready for our double date. We went bull riding (fake of course) and went bowling and out to dinner. I am such an early bird and I was asleep pretty much during dinner. We ate late, around 10ish and I was SOO tired.

The next day we sort of hung out in the morning and then we got up and ready to go sledding. Zach was a maniac I tell you! He went down the big hills and loved it! Jake was timid and Ella just wanted to get out of the snow after awhile. Hannah had a ton of fun too going down with Ashlyn. The adults, gosh, of course we all tried to outdo each other. Luckily nobody got hurt!

The next day we went snowmobiling which I had never done before. It was so much fun and the kids LOVED it. I went a little crazy and almost threw Jon off the back. In my defense I did tell him to hold on and he didn't. This was our last day and then we were off to NM on the next day. I miss these people so much and I am excited that we get to meet still. Now we are plannning our next trip, hopefully before next year. Although we still have a girls weekend for Breaking Dawn to plan in November! Thanks for letting us come Beans!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Welcome to our Family

Welcome Bryan Williamson to our family! We are finally a dog family. The kids have been begging for YEARS and good ole' mom finally broke down. He is pretty cute if I do say so. The first few days we were wondering why we got a dog because it was HORRIBLE! Poop and Pee EVERYWHERE! He is not fully potty trained yet but we are pretty much in love and is now part of the family.

We finally made it to the Natural Museum of History. I had been promising them for some time now, and when everyone was out of school we took the day to go. The kids loved it, especially the boys. Boys love their dinosaurs! The best part of the whole thing was the Volcano room. I remember as a child loving and being deathly afraid of it. Much to my dismay, the first time I saw it, it was not as cool as I remember. My kids however had the same reaction. They were so scared! It was great! It made me feel like a little kid again. We went through that part quite a few times!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Christmas Fun

We did have a lot of exciting and unexpected changes that have happened recently. No, I am not pregnant! But we did buy a house. We closed in mid December and were able to spend our first Christmas in our new house. Christmas back in NM was great! It was pretty low key and we spent time with family. Enjoy the pics below!

The kids (Han and Zach) are involved in this singing/dancing thing called Sunshine Generation. They had their first performance and were so cute! Zach had a little solo and he was so darn cute!

Grandma and Grandpa Martinez were out of town for Christmas, so they came over and we celebrated early. We built gingerbread sleighs and the kids had a ball.

Tidbits of fun..and Halloween too

How can you resist this face?
To go with the theme of catching up on birthday's, my niece turned 11! WOW! Can you tell what she likes? That's right the Cowboy's! My other niece also turned 5 and she LOVES pink. My nephew turned 7 and loves Army stuff. What little boy wouldn't? Have I mentioned I love doing this? Even if I yell and scream and it never turns out the way I want.

Halloween was great. Grandma and Grandpa Martinez came over and too the kids out trick or treating. Zach was an army guy, Jake was a black ghost and Hannah was...a witch for the fourth year in a row. Now you are probably wondering about Jake's costume. You see, I got Zach and Jake's costume at Walmart the previous year after Halloween for 90% off. Well Zach was fine, but Jake really wanted to be a ghost. So even though it was a GI Joe costume, I pretended it was a black ghost costume and he fell for it! Of course he is only three and can be talked into anything. Poor Hannah, she just decided to use her SAME costume because she didn't want to bother with picking something else out. My kind of girl!

And the cousins..