Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just because she is so cute!

This is just because she is so darn cute!!

My girls!

!This was after Jake's birthday party. We let the boys stay up and they fell asleep on the bottom bunk together. My boys!

Happy Birthday Jake

Happy Birthday Jake! I can't believe he is three years old!!!! A few random facts about Jake, for better or worse:
1. He loves Milk. No HE LOVES milk.
2. He plays with his belly button to calm himself down, to go to sleep, watching tv and pretty much anytime he drinks anything, ESPECIALLY milk!
3. He loves his little sister.
4. He likes to be naked and always puts his underwear on backwards (He learned this from Zach)
5. He cries a lot...okay I know this is mean and just a stage but let me honest. He CRIES a lot!
6. He gives the best sloppy kisses.
7. He loves to cuddle, and would probably cuddle all day with Dad if he could.
8. He is a horrible sleeper. You also can't put him in bed with you because he does not do well sleeping with you.
9. He was BY FAR my easiest child to potty train!
10. He loves Cars, Trains and Dora....(diego is okay but Dora is #1)

I love you Jakey!!!

We are alive!

We have been really busy with trying to sell our house, keeping up with the kids projects, and trying to have fun. It snowed a little while ago and we all went outside and built a snowman. The kids are really going to miss all this snow, and yes, I am hoping it snows one more BIG snowfall to enjoy it.

Now that the weather seems to be warming up the boys are loving the outside again. I don't think we can ever live anywhere where there is no backyard.

Hannah recently lost another tooth and so we gave her a plastic bag to put her tooth in to put under her pillow. When we woke up in the morning we found out that Hannah had actually written a little letter to the tooth fairy. At first Jon and I thought she asked for a dollar and just put too many zeros, but when she woke up in the morning she came out and said the tooth fairy gave her only a dollar, and she asked for 10,000. We started laughing because, if the tooth fairy gave that much money I'd be yanking all my teeth out. Gotta love that girl!
And then there is Ella, who is such a sweetheart. Who wouldn't love a face like this?