Thursday, August 28, 2008

Campout and more!

This last weekend we went on a campout with our church and the kids had a ton of fun. I mean, WE ALL Had fun! haha I swear, the preparation it takes for only ONE night seems like such a big ordeal for such a small amount of time.

Okay, and the best picture of all....are you ready??? you go.....
Okay, so this was no make-up, the day after camping....but do you notice anything? Why is it that we (women in general) look like crap and Jon (the men) look great! Doesn't seem fair does it? Oh well! This is me in all my glory! hahaha

Okay Candace and Rebecca do you remember this? We were trying to just take a picture and I didn't realize the movie was on. This was Candace's baby shower! It was just us three and we went to the mall and had California Pizza Kitchen and just looked through stores and then we shared A HUGE caramel apple. IT WAS GREAT!

Alright, not much going on because we are boring right now! Jon is working a lot. He is starting his last month (September) in Ortho and I CAN'T WAIT! It's not horrible, but he is working a lot and he is tired all the time. Hannah starts school on Tuesday, so I will post the first day of school pics next week.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Too obssessed

Can I tell you how obssessed I am with the Twilight series? My good friend Candace and I pre-ordered a copy in February so we could secure ourselves a copy. At the time, Candace was trying to talk me into going to the midnight release party, and I KNEW that when the time came, we would be so tired, that sleep would be more appetizing than actually going at midnight to a teen release book party. hahaha How little I know myself. Last week we began preparations to...go to the release party and BUY the book that we had already bought off of Amazon. We were THAT desperate. Thursday came (The party was Friday), and I received horrible news. My husband had to work, he had to do his 30 hour shift, so he would be gone at night and couldn't stay with the kids. My heart broke, and then I remembered a few weeks ago one of the young women in our ward begging to spend the night at my house because we had "cool" movies and I was just like one of the girls. This got me thinking. What if I hired a babysitter to just stay and sleep here with the kids? Who cares that this book is going to cost me $100.00 after buying two copies of the book, paying the babysitter and getting dinner for her and US because I sure wasn't going to COOK anything, but I WANTED it that bad. Jon was all for it, Candace was all for it, I had to talk myself into it. I couldn't believe I would spend that money on a, what Hannah refers to as "just a book mom!". Candance, who just had her baby mind you on Monday, got home from the hospital on Wednesday and was GOING to attend with me with her 4 day old baby in tow, is as obssessed as I am. Then the reasonable Bella surfaced. I checked our delivery day, and most likely it would come on Monday. Could I wait two more days? TWO DAYS? That's it! Yes, yes I could. So, no I did not call the babysitter. No I didn't go to the release book party and yes I was in AGONY. Saturday came and Jon got home. We took the kids out for lunch and then put them down for naps. I proceeded to get online and check out...guess? Yes, more Twilight stuff. By about 6:30, Jon had HAD it. He told me to get out of the house and find the book and DO NOT COME HOME WITHOUT IT! I'll put the kids to bed, just Go! Please! I ran...Literally ran out of the house and went to Barnes and Nobles. Guess what? Sold out. Yup! I knew it! Serves me right. I casually went to Borders across the street because I was a glutton for punishment and walked in the doors and low and behold a shining beacon of light caressed my face as my eyes found what they had been looking for. Copies of Breaking Dawn ON SALE 40% off, if you are a Borders member. I, of course was not a member but I am proud to say that I am now! That's right I bought the book. I gleefully skipped, yes skipped people, out to my car and called my friends, Teri and Candace, that I had the book in my hand and I had to go because I was too excited and I had to drive safely home. Now, some of you are wondering where I am going with this story that could have been summed up in 4 words, "I read the book". I stayed up until 1:30 am and didn't sleep the rest of the night. I am not going to go into details because most SANE people haven't read the book in its entirety, so my thoughts, opinions and yes, discussions will have to wait for another post. But I HAD to blog that, "I READ THE BOOK".