Thursday, August 30, 2007


Okay, so after hearing about this book over and over again, I decided to check it out. I requested it at the library and what seemed like FOREVER, it was finally in. YEA for me! I went yesterday at 4:30 to pick it up. I was apprehensive of starting this book for a few reasons, 1) there has been so much hype on this book that I was afraid I had built it up so much that it would fall short of expectations. This is what happened with My Big Fat Greek Wedding, after all the hype I watched it and was so let down! 2) What if I just didn't like it! haha 3) I have been having a hard time getting into books since Jake has been born because I don't have time to just sit and read. As I started the book I was hooked! I know this is a teen book (Young adult) and I still consider myself young adult so it worked out! hahah I LOVED IT!!! I actually had received the second book, New Moon first from the library and I refrained from starting it out of pure willpower. I loved the fact that the girls name is Isabella, I felt a connection with her immediately, somehow portraying myself into her. Not because I related to her...only because we had the same name! hahah Edward...oh where do I begin? How can you not fall in love with him? I can't wait to start the second because I am addicted. My poor children, I will become a bad mother today while I read this book. Luckily I read Twilight after I put the kids to bed last night. Let's see if I can hold off on starting New Moon until tonight..not gunna happen! I'm such a sap! I am only hoping that I will get the third installment, The Elcipse, soon too so I don't have to wait! I have no patience when it comes to this! Anyways, I don't want to go into details about the book in case there are people who haven't read it yet but just wanted to let everyone know that I am hooked!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Camping Out

(The family packing up and ready to come home and bathe!)

Friday night was the Ward Campout at our church. We decided to brave it out and pack up the tent, food and the kiddos. They have been excited and counting down the days since we told them. We had tons of fun, the kids LOVED roasting marshmellows....well they loved EATING them atleast. I hadn't had a roasted marshmellow in forever and to tell you the truth, THEY WERE AWESOME!!! The kids ran themselves raggid until bedtime and when it was time to turn in they were so tired, they fell asleep immediately. They did great....but I was unprepared! I WAS FREEZING all night. I didn't sleep more than a few hours...not because the kids were up, but because I kept fretting that they were cold, or Jake was cold and of course I was cold. I took a blanket to sleep with and gave it to Jake because I only brought him two small ones. Don't ask me what I was thinking, I think I got a little too excited to go. The poor people next to us, their little girl kept screaming ALL NIGHT LONG! They finally gave up at 4 am and got up! We got up, ate breakfast and went for a little walk to a nearby pond. All was going well, until there were wasps EVERYWHERE. They kept landing on Zach and Jon swatted them away and decided we better leave before we got stung. Of course, when do kids listen? We turn around to leave and Hannah starts screaming bloody murder. Yup! Her first bee sting..or wasp sting. Put some medicine and a bandaid and all is well. We packed up and came home and we are EXHAUSTED but had so much fun. Here are a few pics! Enjoy!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Two words=Man boobs

Okay so all I have are two words....MAN BOOBS!

Jake just had his 4 month dr's appointment and he weighs 18lbs! I can't believe it! Well actually I can, because he is so heavy to carry around. He is teething like crazy and we are just waiting for the teeth to pop through, his gums are sooo swollen poor little guy. He's such a sweetheart and his rolls crack me up! After having two skinny babies, this little chunker is so darn cute.

I had to take a pic of Zach this morning all dressed up in his tie and first pair of dress slacks! I got the whole outfit at a garage sale for 2.00!!! Can ya believe it!

We had a little play date where the kids played in our backyard in the sprinklers. I LOVE HAVING A BACKYARD!
I know it's so corny, but I just think my kids are the cutest. I am so thankful that I have been given this opportunity to have these beautiful children in my life.