Friday, December 14, 2007

It has taken me long enough

So, over a month has gone by since I have blogged. I still haven't put any Halloween pics yet, so
without further ado...

So, I didn't dress up Jake but oh well! The kids had ton of fun trick or treating. Hannah actually loved passing out the candy better than getting it! This month has been loads of fun. My parents came out for Thanksgiving and stayed for two weeks! We had a ball, and the kids were in HEAVEN. My dad came out and basically worked the entire time, he did tell me next time he came out to have a list for him to do to the house! Sounds like a good deal to me! Maybe I'll get to painting next time! Anyways, Thanksgiving was great! We had the Beaners and my parents over and we actually PLAYED A GAME! YEA!! The kids were worn out by the end and they fell asleep immediately after the Beans left. Here is a pic o f Jake, being himself. He is totally a momma's boy, and is going through separation anxiety really bad. I finally have been letting him cry through the night. He actually was doing a lot better but then more teeth started to pop through. Our biggest trial right now is Zach. He STILL doesn't sleep through the night. We lock him in his bedroom with a baby gate and he gets up about 4-5 times a night on a good night. We are losing patience with him and out of ideas. I do put him in time out at 3 am and he usually doesn't get up again until 6 but this isn't "curing" it because he does the same thing the next night. Any ideas people? Anyways, we have had a good time over here. I had a whole list in my head on what I would write on and I am drawing a blank. Here are a few random pics from the last few months!
!This is Zach helping me rake up leaves! He is a big helper.Here is our pumpkin carving skills!
Don't worry next time I won't take as long to blog! I better go get these kids in the bathtub!

Friday, November 9, 2007

I've been tagged a billion times already

Okay, so here it is. I have been tagged like a billion times already and since I haven't posted in awhile I figured I would go ahead and do this. I haven't uploaded the pics from Halloween yet, because they are on Jon's camera, but I'll get to it this weekend. These last few weeks have been SOOO busy. Poor Jon, he had a few days off and he basically took care of the kids while I did all kinds of projects. The only time I saw him and the kids is when he would come get me and say, Jake's hungry! hah I would nurse him and hand him over and continue on with my projects and doing errands! I have been refinishing my dresser and nightstand and painted them black. Yes, I have been addicted to black! ahah I got it from Natalie, I remember her and Rebecca going through a Black stage. I also redid my front room and FINALLY printed my family pics out and got new frames and Painted my old ones to match and made a new wall in my living room. I also...joined a gym! YEA FOR ME! When we lived in Iowa, the gym was my lifesaver and just such a part of my life that I really missed it here. After doing multiple calls and researching prices I finally bit the bullet and just joined one. YEA FOR ME! I am totally loving it again and it is putting me into a schedule. Something that I have had a hard time doing since we moved here. Last month Jon was on him IM(Internal Medicine) rotation, let's just say he is SO HAPPY that he chose podiatry. This month he is doing his ID (Infectious Disease) rotation and he actually lucked out. He got the VA here and it is supposedly one of the best schedules and the one that everyone wants before boards. He usually gets home between 5-6 which is awesome! I am just glad that IM is over! Anyways, here is my "tag".

The rules are you write 6 things about yourself and then tag 6 people and let them know on their blogs that they are tagged.

1. I have always known I DETEST running. I find it so boring but I have found that I LOVE walking! I don't know what the big difference is when you are doing it on a treadmill but oh well!

2. I am a complete SAP! I cry at the stupidest things and am an emotional wreck when I go to movies! Some commercials even make me cry because I find them so sweet. Hannah even comments, Mom always cries when she watches TV.

3. I once started writing a book, and got no further than page one. Periodically I think about writing one and laugh at myself because I am a horrible writer! Jon doesn't understand how someone who reads as much as I do has a hard time writing.

4. I used to never use a dishwasher because I found it easier to wash them by hand. It wasn't until we lived in Iowa for a few years that I caved in from pressure around me and used one and absolutely LOVED IT! Although, I still love to once in awhile do them by hand because I find it somewhat soothing, don't ask!

5. I used to want to be an accountant. I LOVED MATH with a passion! My favorite was Calculus. I know, I know...but I loved figuring out problems and finding the answer! Yes, I was a nerd in highschool!

6. Everyone is going to laugh hair is almost 50 % grey if I don't dye it. Okay okay, maybe not that much but my sides are TOTALLy grey and my top is sporadically grey. Nobody believes me because I am 27 but when I let my hair grow out people start noticing and I get stopped all the time asking me my age! hahah

Okay here you go! I will tag, Candace, Michelle, Jennie, Heather, Courtney and Tonya!

Monday, October 22, 2007

This One is For the Boys

I can’t take it anymore! My fellow brothers, in the past few months, I’m quite positive that all of you have heard a great deal about a certain vampire series entitled, “Twilight”. Our wives spend every waking moment dreaming of some guy named Edward and can’t seem to put the freaking books down. And I’m quite positive that none of you can stay awake long enough to find out what the series is actually about. I mean, come on, one can only fake interest for so long. In order to put my male counterparts on equal ground with the ladies, I took one for the team. After days of physical and mental preparation, a large dose of anti-nausea medication, and a hefty diet Pepsi in hand, I sat down and listened as Bella explained the books to me. She only had to start over twice: once because the phone rang and once because I had to be rushed to the emergency room after attempting to slit my wrists. Anyway, I thought I’d give a synopsis for all the fellas out there. And this one is for the BOYS! My first review is of the first book entitled, “Twilight”.
Bella is a 17 year old teenager that lives with her mother and step-father in Arizona. She gets sick of dealing with her mom and decides to move to the Pacific Northwest to live with her father who she barely knows. But hey, the grass must be greener on the other side, right? The town that her father lives in also happens to have a family of vampires. Now, I’m not quite sure how that works and forgive me for stating the obvious, but they are VAMPIRES! Is anyone else a tad concerned? I’m really not a fan of anyone sucking my blood and killing me or any member of my immediate family. All I can figure is that since they are living on the “Left” coast, this small town celebrates diversity and welcomes the family into the community with open arms. So what if someone turns up every once in a while on the edge of town sucked bone dry? It must do wonders for the town’s homeless population.
Bella starts at her new school where the vampire kids also attend. This is where she meets, sigh, Edward. Of course they are attracted to each other and after a short stent of the high school mind games, they begin hanging out. Now, I know what you guys are thinking. He is a 17 year old guy. He only wants one thing. Well, being a 17 year old vampire, one would deduce that he actually wants two things: sex and blood. But hold on! The author is LDS so Bella isn’t that kind of girl and either is Edward. Nor does Edward suck human blood. That’s right boys, Edward, the celibate vampire, doesn’t suck human blood. He only goes after animal blood. So if you’re the girl’s father, you’re probably going to be OK with this guy but watch your pets.
Bella and, Sigh, Edward, begin dating. Oh yea, I’ve got to address the age thing. Edward isn’t really 17. He’s like 200 years old. But he’s a vampire so he doesn’t age. Bella may be really attracted to the guy thinking that he is super smart but you’d look pretty smart too if you’d been repeating the same classes in high school for 185 years. And come on, she is 17. The first time he showed up at her house, I half expected a gentleman to emerge from the back room and say, “Hi, I’m Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC and we’re doing a story on adult male vampire sexual predators.”
Bella meets the vampire family and they all become friends. Oh, by the way, if any of you are big on the whole feel good, after school TV special of the week, the vampire dad is a Doctor. That’s right. This poor guy beat the odds and fought his way up from the mean streets of ghetto Transylvania to medical school. Take that Rudy. Anyway, the family and Bella meet up with some other vampires who aren’t so friendly. Long story short, one of the vampires goes after Bella to suck her blood. Bella tries to run but I have been informed by my wife that vampires can run really, really, really fast. Just as this dude is about to suck all of Bella’s blood, sigh, Edward shows up and wastes the guy. Luckily, Edward’s daddy is a doctor and is able to save Bella. A couple of blood transfusions later, all is well and Bella and, sigh, Edward are back together again. Any normal person would probably be ready to walk away from the relationship at this point. Come on, the dude’s friends were trying to eat you. I mean, if K-Fed and Brittany can’t make it work, what chance do they have? But then again, Bella isn’t exactly your run-of-the-mill, 17 year old chick. After all, she is dating a 200 year old vampire. So stay tuned for further reviews of these lame books from a guy’s point of view and stick a wooden stake in me, I’m done.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

You're not even a good mom!

So, I have been a little slacker with blogging, mostly because there has not been a lot happening that I feel would make a good entry. Nothing still has been happening, Jon is working his 30 hour shift today, Hannah went to school, I am still planning and making stuff for her Halloween party and I started potty training Zach AGAIN today. So, As I was thinking about something witty I could write about I came up with NADA! I was sitting on my couch re-reading Eclipse...Yes I know I am a DORK, and Hannah and Zach were playing way too rough. I of course told them to stop A BILLION times, and of course Hannah gets hurts and I say tough luck. She then tell me, YOU'RE NOT EVEN A GOOD MOM! and Runs away. Now, all you people with children not old enough to do this are probably crying in horror because this would be your absolute nightmare. I, on the other hand am laughing. Mainly because this is a new devolopment Hannah has started. I am either a BAD MOM, the WORST MOM IN THE WORLD,YOU'RE NOT EVEN A GOOD MOM, I HATE YOU! She does this atleast once a day, especially if Jake starts crying and I don't get him IMMEDIATELY. She comes to tell me Jake is crying and I say, Ok, thanks hun. Her response is, "You're a bad mom! Go get him right NOW! He's just a cute little baby!" A little bit overprotective of her Jake, but darn it, it's cute! I was a little put off the first time it happened but I figured it's good practice for when they are older and HATE YOU! Anybody else have this problem yet? Or is just my Diva daughter?
BTW....hate potty training. Most of you don't know I GAVE up months ago and figured he's three now and should start but man I hate it. Hannah was such a piece of cake compared to this. I remember somebody said, Potty training isn't hard you just can't be a lazy parent. I totally agree to a point. It is through laziness that I get tired of him peeing all over himself and everything along with cleaning up poop atleast 3-4 times a day.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Picture Time!

Life has been REALLY hectic lately. A few weeks ago we had a plumber come out to look at our kitchen sink becomes it only drips water, after the visit and a quote of up to 3,000.00, we just put it on hold. The next week we decide to do some work on our furnace, just regular maintenance since it will be getting cold soon, well come to find out it is shot! We put in a call to our Good ole' home warranty just to get it denied and we will have to foot the bill of a new furnace. At the same time we decided to get the kitchen faucet done, because we NEEDED it. Well, after getting the news of the furnace, we decide to TRY to use our Home warranty for the faucet. So we cancelled one appointment and made it through our Home warranty people, they came out the same day and fixed it for 50.00! WOOHOO! I have also had some things at Hannah's school and dum...dum..I am the room mom! I am so excited! Another mom and I are planning the Halloween party for Hannah's class and the MAJOR plus is we can bring our other kids too! This last weekend we had Karina and Rob stay with us for a few days, which was fun and good to see her again...but I missed her kids! DARN YOU KARINA!
Jon's birthday was last Monday and we had a surprise party for him and Aaron. It turned out great and was tons of fun. Saturday we FINALLY broke down and took family pictures! I had one of my friends take them and I think they turned out GREAT! Now comes the hard part and choosing which one is best, So I need everyone's input! There were so many pics that I loved of the kids, don't worry I won't post them all because they are really only precious to me...and my family but I'll give you a taste! Hope you like them.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


As many of you know, Jake's hair is a bit...styled shall I say. Last week I went grocery shopping at four different stores. (Monday is my Rebate shopping day as well as grocery shopping day), anyways, EVERY single store we went to Jake got called a girl. Now, I didn't think anything of it because heck sometimes its hard to tell what sex a baby is. It got sort of old after the first 3 stores but oh well. Today I had to go to the store again, and within seconds of us walking in, THREE different people commented on what a beautiful little girl Jake was. It was sort of funny this little boy said, MOM look at that boys' hair! The mom looked away embarrassed and said, Honey that's a little girl! She then looked apologetically at me, and the little boy said, Mom...that is a boy not a girl. I started laughing and walked away. Well, one lady said something that really stuck to me. She, of course apologized for calling Jake a girl and said, I'm sorry! The hair through me off." After that, I KNEW it was time to cut Jake's hair. The Mohawk was getting a bit ridiculous and big so I bit the bullet and did the best that I could with a 5 month old.
These are the results, not too bad. Still some rough spots but he was crying bloody murder and wriggling so I gave it a rest. I am still in shock that I cut it, but it needed to be done finally and he looks so handsome!

Zach's Birthday!!

We had Zach's birthday on Saturday and it was so cute. We invited over a few of his friends and had hamburgers and hotdogs and cake and icecream. I can't believe he is 3 years old!!!!! He wanted a percy birthday cake, and he got some tools, bubble, truck and spiderman toy! He was thrilled. Anyways, here are a few pics!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Kindergarten and more....


Hannah's first day of kindergarten was today! WOOHOO! She was so excited, and I was excited because she is ready to be out of the house. Well, first things first.....yesterday she got her ears pierced! That's right! She did so well...cried a little was so cute! It sure made me feel like she was growing up before my eyes. She had a great day today and is excited to go back tomorrow. We live within walking distance to her school, which is a plus and gets me a little exercise while I'm at it. Okay, next thing...I have been done with New moon and Eclipse for awhile now and I am so sad. I don't know what it is but I love these books! I am in love with Edward and Jacob. I LOVED Eclipse! I am definitely purchasing these books and re-reading them. I can't wait!
Man isn't she a little poser? She picked out her very own outfit, she loves pink!

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Okay, so after hearing about this book over and over again, I decided to check it out. I requested it at the library and what seemed like FOREVER, it was finally in. YEA for me! I went yesterday at 4:30 to pick it up. I was apprehensive of starting this book for a few reasons, 1) there has been so much hype on this book that I was afraid I had built it up so much that it would fall short of expectations. This is what happened with My Big Fat Greek Wedding, after all the hype I watched it and was so let down! 2) What if I just didn't like it! haha 3) I have been having a hard time getting into books since Jake has been born because I don't have time to just sit and read. As I started the book I was hooked! I know this is a teen book (Young adult) and I still consider myself young adult so it worked out! hahah I LOVED IT!!! I actually had received the second book, New Moon first from the library and I refrained from starting it out of pure willpower. I loved the fact that the girls name is Isabella, I felt a connection with her immediately, somehow portraying myself into her. Not because I related to her...only because we had the same name! hahah Edward...oh where do I begin? How can you not fall in love with him? I can't wait to start the second because I am addicted. My poor children, I will become a bad mother today while I read this book. Luckily I read Twilight after I put the kids to bed last night. Let's see if I can hold off on starting New Moon until tonight..not gunna happen! I'm such a sap! I am only hoping that I will get the third installment, The Elcipse, soon too so I don't have to wait! I have no patience when it comes to this! Anyways, I don't want to go into details about the book in case there are people who haven't read it yet but just wanted to let everyone know that I am hooked!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Camping Out

(The family packing up and ready to come home and bathe!)

Friday night was the Ward Campout at our church. We decided to brave it out and pack up the tent, food and the kiddos. They have been excited and counting down the days since we told them. We had tons of fun, the kids LOVED roasting marshmellows....well they loved EATING them atleast. I hadn't had a roasted marshmellow in forever and to tell you the truth, THEY WERE AWESOME!!! The kids ran themselves raggid until bedtime and when it was time to turn in they were so tired, they fell asleep immediately. They did great....but I was unprepared! I WAS FREEZING all night. I didn't sleep more than a few hours...not because the kids were up, but because I kept fretting that they were cold, or Jake was cold and of course I was cold. I took a blanket to sleep with and gave it to Jake because I only brought him two small ones. Don't ask me what I was thinking, I think I got a little too excited to go. The poor people next to us, their little girl kept screaming ALL NIGHT LONG! They finally gave up at 4 am and got up! We got up, ate breakfast and went for a little walk to a nearby pond. All was going well, until there were wasps EVERYWHERE. They kept landing on Zach and Jon swatted them away and decided we better leave before we got stung. Of course, when do kids listen? We turn around to leave and Hannah starts screaming bloody murder. Yup! Her first bee sting..or wasp sting. Put some medicine and a bandaid and all is well. We packed up and came home and we are EXHAUSTED but had so much fun. Here are a few pics! Enjoy!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Two words=Man boobs

Okay so all I have are two words....MAN BOOBS!

Jake just had his 4 month dr's appointment and he weighs 18lbs! I can't believe it! Well actually I can, because he is so heavy to carry around. He is teething like crazy and we are just waiting for the teeth to pop through, his gums are sooo swollen poor little guy. He's such a sweetheart and his rolls crack me up! After having two skinny babies, this little chunker is so darn cute.

I had to take a pic of Zach this morning all dressed up in his tie and first pair of dress slacks! I got the whole outfit at a garage sale for 2.00!!! Can ya believe it!

We had a little play date where the kids played in our backyard in the sprinklers. I LOVE HAVING A BACKYARD!
I know it's so corny, but I just think my kids are the cutest. I am so thankful that I have been given this opportunity to have these beautiful children in my life.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Anniversary, Sleepover and playtimes

Okay, so our anniversary was on the 16th. Jon got me some beautiful flowers! I just wanted to post a pic of them because I thought they were so pretty.
The last few days have been hectic but lots of fun. The Movie theater here have free movies on Wednesday's that show kid movies, so we packed up and went to the movies. The movie was Flushed Away, which was way cute. The kids were great, except for two bathroom breaks, and having to ask a total stranger to hold Jake because my hands were full but it's a good thing that there are nice people out there to help out. After the movie we went to the Bean's for lunch and Ashlyn packed her bags to have a sleepover at our house. Boy, were the kids excited! All evening they played and played and I finally turned off the lights and told them to go to bed and within minutes they were konked out on the floor in our basement! They looked soo cute I had to take some pics.

They woke up early in the morning, but let me sleep in while they watched some cartoons. Jon ended up getting called in and so he missed the whole evening which consisted of painting nails, putting on makeup, doing hair and playing with playdough. Hannah has already asked me when we can have another one and I just need to sleep first before I even THINK about another one. They were great though and I don't have any complaints! These other pics I took because I was going through the pictures and didn't find any pics of me with the kids so Hannah helped me out and took these pics! I think she did a pretty good job.

This ended our fun few days when the Beaners came over for dinner for enchildas, beans, rice and enchiladas! YUMMY!! And I made homemade oreo's (which I got off of Erica's blog)!