Sunday, August 12, 2007

Two words=Man boobs

Okay so all I have are two words....MAN BOOBS!

Jake just had his 4 month dr's appointment and he weighs 18lbs! I can't believe it! Well actually I can, because he is so heavy to carry around. He is teething like crazy and we are just waiting for the teeth to pop through, his gums are sooo swollen poor little guy. He's such a sweetheart and his rolls crack me up! After having two skinny babies, this little chunker is so darn cute.

I had to take a pic of Zach this morning all dressed up in his tie and first pair of dress slacks! I got the whole outfit at a garage sale for 2.00!!! Can ya believe it!

We had a little play date where the kids played in our backyard in the sprinklers. I LOVE HAVING A BACKYARD!
I know it's so corny, but I just think my kids are the cutest. I am so thankful that I have been given this opportunity to have these beautiful children in my life.


Heitmann Family said...

Finally some new pics. Your kids are way cute!! Zach looks so much older in his shirt and tie. And if I could get a hold of Jake, I don't know what would be left of him. He is yummy!!!

Erica said...

Those man boobs are hillarious! Zach looks so grown the color shirt he has on too! Your kids are so cute!

Dan and Amanda Arrhenius said...

Okay so Zach is a total heart throb. Whoowy, what a hottie! I am totally jealous of a backyard...all we have is the Meadow Chase grass here that is full of stupid CHIGGERS! I have 3 right now. Argh! Well Dan is going for DMC 2nd core....he is really hoping to get it, so keep your fingers crossed!

Sarah Crouch said...

Oh my goodness. Hannah and Zach have grown up so much this past year. Congratualtions on your new baby. Jake is super cute. I love all the cute pictures you have posted. The flowers Jon gave you are really pretty. That was so nice. It looks like you are staying busy and having fun being a mom. You look great! I am excited to keep in touch on our blogs.

Becky Thalgott said...

OK, how cute was this post?! Love the photos and I *heart* the man boobs. :) Baby rolls are just to die for! And OK, when did Zach get so grown up? He is a total cutie pie. Wow! What a cute family you have, my dear! :)

Erica said... the book is in a series...
books are as follows:
2. new moon
3. eclipse

anyway, the author graduated from BYU...not that that matters any...just a little FYI. It's an awesome series that you'll love...jump on the wagon and read it...then we can talk and fantasize about Edward together ....mmmmm

M & S Eagar said...

Oh Bella- you crack me up!... I totally get your kid comment and I feel the same way about mine.

Courtney Peine said...

Your kids are SO cute. I love Jake's man boobs and Zach is such a handsome little guy. I can't believe how big Hannah is! Great pictures!

The Nielsen Family said...

Bella, I am "Dittoing" everyone else, but I love the rolls and Zach is absolutely adorable and all grown up. Also, I noticed Erica's comment about the twilight series. My friend is totally into it and I thought it sounded kind of silly but tried it anyway. I read the first book in three days. Let me know if you get started and what you think.