Friday, December 14, 2007

It has taken me long enough

So, over a month has gone by since I have blogged. I still haven't put any Halloween pics yet, so
without further ado...

So, I didn't dress up Jake but oh well! The kids had ton of fun trick or treating. Hannah actually loved passing out the candy better than getting it! This month has been loads of fun. My parents came out for Thanksgiving and stayed for two weeks! We had a ball, and the kids were in HEAVEN. My dad came out and basically worked the entire time, he did tell me next time he came out to have a list for him to do to the house! Sounds like a good deal to me! Maybe I'll get to painting next time! Anyways, Thanksgiving was great! We had the Beaners and my parents over and we actually PLAYED A GAME! YEA!! The kids were worn out by the end and they fell asleep immediately after the Beans left. Here is a pic o f Jake, being himself. He is totally a momma's boy, and is going through separation anxiety really bad. I finally have been letting him cry through the night. He actually was doing a lot better but then more teeth started to pop through. Our biggest trial right now is Zach. He STILL doesn't sleep through the night. We lock him in his bedroom with a baby gate and he gets up about 4-5 times a night on a good night. We are losing patience with him and out of ideas. I do put him in time out at 3 am and he usually doesn't get up again until 6 but this isn't "curing" it because he does the same thing the next night. Any ideas people? Anyways, we have had a good time over here. I had a whole list in my head on what I would write on and I am drawing a blank. Here are a few random pics from the last few months!
!This is Zach helping me rake up leaves! He is a big helper.Here is our pumpkin carving skills!
Don't worry next time I won't take as long to blog! I better go get these kids in the bathtub!