Monday, September 24, 2007

Picture Time!

Life has been REALLY hectic lately. A few weeks ago we had a plumber come out to look at our kitchen sink becomes it only drips water, after the visit and a quote of up to 3,000.00, we just put it on hold. The next week we decide to do some work on our furnace, just regular maintenance since it will be getting cold soon, well come to find out it is shot! We put in a call to our Good ole' home warranty just to get it denied and we will have to foot the bill of a new furnace. At the same time we decided to get the kitchen faucet done, because we NEEDED it. Well, after getting the news of the furnace, we decide to TRY to use our Home warranty for the faucet. So we cancelled one appointment and made it through our Home warranty people, they came out the same day and fixed it for 50.00! WOOHOO! I have also had some things at Hannah's school and dum...dum..I am the room mom! I am so excited! Another mom and I are planning the Halloween party for Hannah's class and the MAJOR plus is we can bring our other kids too! This last weekend we had Karina and Rob stay with us for a few days, which was fun and good to see her again...but I missed her kids! DARN YOU KARINA!
Jon's birthday was last Monday and we had a surprise party for him and Aaron. It turned out great and was tons of fun. Saturday we FINALLY broke down and took family pictures! I had one of my friends take them and I think they turned out GREAT! Now comes the hard part and choosing which one is best, So I need everyone's input! There were so many pics that I loved of the kids, don't worry I won't post them all because they are really only precious to me...and my family but I'll give you a taste! Hope you like them.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


As many of you know, Jake's hair is a bit...styled shall I say. Last week I went grocery shopping at four different stores. (Monday is my Rebate shopping day as well as grocery shopping day), anyways, EVERY single store we went to Jake got called a girl. Now, I didn't think anything of it because heck sometimes its hard to tell what sex a baby is. It got sort of old after the first 3 stores but oh well. Today I had to go to the store again, and within seconds of us walking in, THREE different people commented on what a beautiful little girl Jake was. It was sort of funny this little boy said, MOM look at that boys' hair! The mom looked away embarrassed and said, Honey that's a little girl! She then looked apologetically at me, and the little boy said, Mom...that is a boy not a girl. I started laughing and walked away. Well, one lady said something that really stuck to me. She, of course apologized for calling Jake a girl and said, I'm sorry! The hair through me off." After that, I KNEW it was time to cut Jake's hair. The Mohawk was getting a bit ridiculous and big so I bit the bullet and did the best that I could with a 5 month old.
These are the results, not too bad. Still some rough spots but he was crying bloody murder and wriggling so I gave it a rest. I am still in shock that I cut it, but it needed to be done finally and he looks so handsome!

Zach's Birthday!!

We had Zach's birthday on Saturday and it was so cute. We invited over a few of his friends and had hamburgers and hotdogs and cake and icecream. I can't believe he is 3 years old!!!!! He wanted a percy birthday cake, and he got some tools, bubble, truck and spiderman toy! He was thrilled. Anyways, here are a few pics!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Kindergarten and more....


Hannah's first day of kindergarten was today! WOOHOO! She was so excited, and I was excited because she is ready to be out of the house. Well, first things first.....yesterday she got her ears pierced! That's right! She did so well...cried a little was so cute! It sure made me feel like she was growing up before my eyes. She had a great day today and is excited to go back tomorrow. We live within walking distance to her school, which is a plus and gets me a little exercise while I'm at it. Okay, next thing...I have been done with New moon and Eclipse for awhile now and I am so sad. I don't know what it is but I love these books! I am in love with Edward and Jacob. I LOVED Eclipse! I am definitely purchasing these books and re-reading them. I can't wait!
Man isn't she a little poser? She picked out her very own outfit, she loves pink!