Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Niagra Falls and Palmyra

Last month we were able to take a trip to Niagra Falls and Palmyra, NY. Our first day we spent at Niagra Falls and we were able to meet up with Jon's Uncle Brian, who we hadn't seen in years! The kids LOVED it, especially the boys who wouldn't stop talking about the waterfalls. I was honestly a little disappointed! I expected these Long and Tall waterfalls I see in movies, and although the beauty of the Falls is undeniable, it wasn't what I expected. Jon thinks I am a dork and he LOVED them!

While walking along the sidewalk, Jon dropped our camera and broke it. Luckily we were able to save the few pics that we had taken of the falls and the family. But we didn't have a camera anymore and there was no way we were going to finish this trip with no pictures. The next day, we woke up to pouring rain and decided to head out as soon as we could to see the sights at Palmyra, NY. We decided to drive until we saw a Best Buy and we could pull over and see what they had. We had our trusty, aaahhhh what's it called! Dang it, I know I am going to get laughed at for this and I am too lazy to go upstairs and see what it is called so I will call it Automated Direction giver! We had just bought it, and didn't trust it yet, and therefore got lost a little but we finally found a Best Buy and a Target next to each other. Target had the best deal so we bought a new camera and decided to try to fill our children up with junk food that we had in the car and look at the church sites before naps and before the rain that was behind us. By the time we got to Palmyra it was around 12:30 or 1:00 and first we went to The Hill Cummorah. For anyone who has been there, we hiked up the Hill....not an easy task. We found out later that they don't allow people to actually HIKE the hill and you have to use the path provided. I barely made it up the hill....Man I am out of shape. Jon tried to give me an out and say...Honey, you're pregnant! You're carrying an extra child around....but I snapped at him and said, "Then why didn't you have any trouble carrying Jake up the entire way. You carried an EXTRA child too". Ohhh these hormones! Anyways, it was awesome being there.

This is PART of the dreaded hill....

If you can tell by this last pic, the sky is not bad but you can tell something funny is going to happen. We went to the Smith Farm next, and of course, fed our children MORE junk food to keep them going. First we went to the Sacred Grove. I have to tell you, it was awesome. But...I wish we went without kids! hahah Not all the time, but being kids, they didn't want to enjoy the feel and the spirit that was there and just wanted to keep running and seeing things. We were also able to go inside the Smith house, which was Hannah's favorite! During this time the weather was AMAZING, and no sooner had we finished and put the kids in the car the downpour came and we were finally able to feed the kids some good ole' healthy McDonald's! While we were there, I noticed this old man eyeing us and the kids. Usually this doesn't bother me because, to be honest, we get looks all the time with three kids and the fourth on the way. People are not shy at asking whether we are done after this or if I am going to get a hysterectomy after this baby is born. But this nice man had a gleam in his eye and after a little bit of time came over to us and gave each kid a dollar and said, "Here kids, this is because I won't see you on your birthday". He gave us a wink and walked out the door, where his wife was waiting for him. The kids were a little baffled but were excited to have money, (except Jake who had no idea).

Jon likes to point out that we were making funny faces in front of the Sacred Grove. Yes....that's me! If you also can't tell, I decided it was time to leave vanity on the backburner and take pics of me in it even if I am pregnant. Since this is most likely our last child, I wanted to document it because I rarely did with the others and now I regret it. SO bring on the pictures, especially when I get HUGE! I just think of the song, "I like em' big and chunky" from Madagascar 2! If I got the lyrics wrong, sorry!! You get the idea!
Well, after this we traveled to Rochester, NY here some of our friends live. Heather was my friend from highschool. We always had a blast together and sometimes got into trouble together. After a few years of marriage, Heather married Sean and moved into the same apartments as us and we had too much fun together. We hadn't seen each other in 6 years and I had never met ANY of her children!!! She had only met Hannah as a baby! It was past time!
This is my babe, Heather! The first night we got together for swimming at our hotel and burgers and some place. She has two daughters, Savy and Celi. I wanted to steal Celi who, is four months, because she was so stinkin cute! The next day we were able to meet at a really cool museum for children. I felt bad for Heather and Sean because our children were out of control. Needless to say, we were "Those Parents". We got, not one...but TWO "Code 66's". Which is, missing child. Yes....we couldn't keep track of our children. First Zach ran off and I found him in the train section. And then Hannah got lost, but she was smart and went to the gift shop and told someone she couldn't find her mom and dad. As I started to look for Hannah, a kind worker asked if I had a missing child. I told her no, Not yet, anyways. Let me look around. She kindly said, "Well we had a Code 66 child that was just called in." I am HOPING...no PRAYING it's not MINE...AGAIN. She asked what her name was and I go through the protocal of name, shirt she was wearing, looks....and of course they come on their little system and say, she say's her name is Hannah." I look at Jon and fess up, yes, that's my child. By this time, we were done! We all went for lunch at the cafeteria and then split up for naptime at the hotel. The evening was spent playing games and eating pizza at the Rigby's apartment! Thank you guys! It was so much fun!

This is us, in all our Royal Glory! We even MADE those crowns! How cool are we? And of course the boys, trying to act all cool! We had so much fun on this trip and can't wait to see Heather and Sean again. We promise it won't be ANOTHER 6 years!
Well, I think I have caught up for this post! YEA! Have a great day.

Jake's Birthday

I can't believe my baby is 2! Jacob was born on March 28,2007 weighing 9 lbs 5.6 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long. Many people won't admit when their child is ugly, but I am a realistic person and when he was born I immediately thought, "awwww I love him so much, look how ugly he is". Now, don't judge me too harshly, although I ABSOLUTELY meant it, I still loved him and thought him so ugly he was just the cutest thing. He was my biggest baby and from the moment we left the hospital he kept growing and of course getting cuter. I loved his rolls, his man boobs, and his cute face and most of all HIS MOHAWK!

What's funny is he is only 3 months old in the first pic and almost 4 months old in the second and third. He weighed 18 1/2 lbs at his 4 month check up and was just the cutest boy. I can't believe he went from this to...

this big boy who looks just like his older brother. He is skinny, no fat, hair shaved off and just the cutest thing. For Jake's birthday, we had the Bean's over and had cake and ice cream. He brings such a fun attitude and love to our house. He talks ALL THE time, and loves Cars and Firetrucks. Happy Birthday Jakey!!

Oops I did it again....time to Catch up

Jake was crying one night and Hannah climbed in the crib to calm him down. When we came upstairs to make sure the kids were tucked in before Jonny and I went to bed, we found these cute kids together! She sure loves Jake!

So once again I find myself playing catch up with all that has been going on! I'll break these into segments. First off was our trip to NM at the beginning of February. It was so good to see everyone, it had been a year since we've been back to Alb, so it was so fun! We had tons of fun, going to the Aquarium, hanging out with friends, taking the kids on speed cars (I forgot what they are called), and just eating tons of New Mexican food. Here are a few pics highlighting our trip.

The kids absolutely LOVED these cars!
Hannah and Grandma Mtz
Grandma and Grandpa Williamson and the kiddos.

This is at a museum in NM called Explora. At the top of the building they have a place to build log houses and this was HEAVEN for Zach! We spent the majority of the time out here, Hannah and Zach each built their own house.

My friend Teri and me! We went out WITHOUT the children! How great is that!
We had a ton of fun in NM and of course are already missing our family and friends. I'm so sad that we didn't get any pictures of our friends the Reitz's! We were so happy to be able to visit them and see Michelle's cute baby bump! Anyways, we can't wait to get back there to either visit or live sometime soon!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I promised my friend Heather

Okay so, here it is as promised! I have to do major updates from all the trips and fun we have been having but before I take time to do that we had our ultrasound today and.............................

It's a Girl!