Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oops I did it again....time to Catch up

Jake was crying one night and Hannah climbed in the crib to calm him down. When we came upstairs to make sure the kids were tucked in before Jonny and I went to bed, we found these cute kids together! She sure loves Jake!

So once again I find myself playing catch up with all that has been going on! I'll break these into segments. First off was our trip to NM at the beginning of February. It was so good to see everyone, it had been a year since we've been back to Alb, so it was so fun! We had tons of fun, going to the Aquarium, hanging out with friends, taking the kids on speed cars (I forgot what they are called), and just eating tons of New Mexican food. Here are a few pics highlighting our trip.

The kids absolutely LOVED these cars!
Hannah and Grandma Mtz
Grandma and Grandpa Williamson and the kiddos.

This is at a museum in NM called Explora. At the top of the building they have a place to build log houses and this was HEAVEN for Zach! We spent the majority of the time out here, Hannah and Zach each built their own house.

My friend Teri and me! We went out WITHOUT the children! How great is that!
We had a ton of fun in NM and of course are already missing our family and friends. I'm so sad that we didn't get any pictures of our friends the Reitz's! We were so happy to be able to visit them and see Michelle's cute baby bump! Anyways, we can't wait to get back there to either visit or live sometime soon!!

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