Monday, August 31, 2009

How Many Kids do you have?

We'd like to welcome Ella Jean to our family. She was born on Thursday August 27, 2009 weighing in at 7 lbs 2 ounces and 21 inches long. Her birth was so different from ANY of my other three. Okay for all you people who LOVE to read about birth stories (like me) then read ahead, for those who don''re done! Just look at the pics and comment below! hahaha We arrived at the hospital at 6:00 am for my induction. At around 8:30 they started me on pitocin and then I waited. It was already so different because with my last I was already 6 cm dialated before I was induced and this one I was only 3cm and I was having NO contractions. My friend (Candace) was able to be there for my labor/birth and of course my hubby. We sat around talking until approx. 11:30 to which they broke my water because I wasn't really progressing. After my water was broken I decided to go ahead and get the epidural early because I didn't want to risk not getting one, because I USUALLY go fast once my water breaks. I do need to note that my nurse was HORRIBLE! She was not compassionate, nice or really helpful in any way. She did her job and didn't communicate with me unless it was necessary. I was so glad to have my friend and husband there to support me because I wasn't going to get it from her. Anyways, the doctor arrived 5 minutes later and Jon and Candace had to leave the room. The doctor then prepared for the epidural and they had to stick me three times! Holy cow! While they were finishing up I felt a really hard contraction. They told me to lie down on my side so the epidural could take effect. Anybody else know about this? I've had three other WONDERFUL epidural's and I NEVER had to lie on my side. So being a good patient, I layed down and my contractions were coming REALLY hard. I felt so much pressure that I felt I had to push and not to mention PAIN. Of course, they had excuses saying this was normal and the epidural takes awhile and everything is normal, a little pressure is normal. They also told me that the epidural is working and this is how it's supposed to feel. Jon and Candace show up after this and I am just TRYING to breathe through the contractions and waiting for the epidural to take effect, and yes I am crying. It was hurting so bad I look at Jon and tell him I HAVE TO PUSH. The nurse dismisses this request telling me once again this is normal and how epidurals are supposed to feel. Really? I've had three other one's and I HAVE NEVER FELT THE PAIN I FEEL NOW! Jon asks me if I want the doctor to come look into the epidural because it is obviously NOT working. I tell him, it's too late I feel her coming, I don't have time. Now.....I realize these next few minutes are a bit hazy, I don't remember them clearly and have asked Jon and Candace many times what happened but I will give you my version. I HAVE to push, I feel so much pain and pressure and I FEEL the baby coming down. I never knew what people meant when they said they HAD to push, your body automatically pushes on its own and when people tell you not to, it is almost impossible. I look at Jon and tell him again, I AM GOING TO PUSH. My nurse tells me not to push (big surprise)and Candace tells me to do what I need to do. I am not breathing through these contractions and, I am hurting and this stupid nurse won't listen to me. My husband is trying to calm me and hold my hand and telling me what a good job I am doing. I was SO CLOSE to telling my nurse to, "GET THE HE** OUT OF HERE". Yes, I almost cussed because I had enough of her. After every contraction, I am so whoozy and lightheaded I can't communicate and Jon and Candace tell me that my eyes are rolling in back of my head. I do remember them asking me questions and I couldn't answer them. I was just mumbling and couldn't get my tongue to work until a contraction hit and boy I could sure use my voice then. You might think that this whole ordeal is hours long, but really it has only been about 5 minutes at this time. Well, for the final time I tell them, I have to push and the baby is coming out. The nurse FINALLY looks down there and IMMEDIATELY says....can you guess? Don't push and yells for the doctor to be paged because this baby is coming. Really? You mean what I have been saying is true? Go figure! Anyways, a midwife comes in at this time and the nurse says she needs help, to which she says, I can't, I don't have permission under this doctor (insurance purposes) and I look at Jon thinking, you better get down there and deliver this baby because she is coming even if they don't want her to. Well my body had had enough and that's it, I HAVE to push. Chaos...chaos...somebody else shows up (I don't know who delivered me) and I push. Of course the person who delivers me isn't ready and doesn't have gloves but too bad! Ella Jean is born and for the love, I'm not going to lie it hurt really bad! Ring of fire? Yes, I now know what that is. In between my ramblings I do remember yelling at Candace that I felt like I was going to blow out my um...I'll use PG-13 language...bumhole. hahahah I do remember screaming when I pushed and screaming that I couldn't do it. Jon and Candace were so great during this and listening to me and encouraging me the entire time. I was really lucky to have them there, and really lucky that it was really fast. After Ella was born, I didn't get skin to skin like I did with my others. My bizsnatch nurse's fault. She put Ella off by herself and I tell Jon to go be with her. The nurse is doing...who knows what so I tell Candace to get Ella and bring her to me, she's my freakin baby and the nurse can go to....well...another room if she needs. I prepare to breastfeed her and the nurse comes in and in a loud voice says, NO NO NO NO...I NEED TO RUN TESTS. Ella is taken and guess what she does....she flippin takes her temp and then takes mine....that's it! She hands me the baby and before my placenta is delivered asks me about birth control and if...quote...are you ready? "Are you getting a tubal?" I look at Candace....did she really just ask me that? I, of course, say no I have other plans. Anyways, it took me almost 45 minutes to hold my daughter and nurse her. I wish my doctor was there, she's awesome and was planning on having Jon be a part of the birth and myself and was basically going to let us run the show, of probably wasn't going to turn out that nice anyways, because I was in pain but oh well. I don't think THAT negatively of my experience. I'm not upset that the epidural didn't work, (though I wish it had) I wasn't prepared for the birth but it wasn't long so that's okay. The one thing that is upsetting was that one nurse who made my experience less than it should have been. My other three births were wonderful experiences and I have to say atleast I have a fun birth to talk about. I have a beautiful, healthy little girl and I am so thankful for that fact.