Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Warning! Long post...sorry!


I can't believe I have let time get away from me and so many events that I have not mentioned. Halloween was over a month ago and the kids had so much fun. For family home evening we carved pumpkins and tried to be creative. It was so much more work than I thought, and I wore out pretty easily, but the kids loved them! They had a ton of fun trick or treating and luckily they are still small enough to last one street and then be done. We had a ton of trick or treaters this year, and I ran out of THREE bags of big candy and had to dip into Jake's candy before I finally turned our light off to cut the treaters off. Jake actually LOVED the candy part more than Zach! Zach rode in the stroller asking me to push him up to the door because he was "SO TIRED" and Jake ran to every door grabbing the candy. Hannah was so sweet to take him up to the doors and watched out for "baby Jakey". She is such a little mom to him!

The next big event is of course.....TWILIGHT! I can't believe it's taken me this long to blog about it. I went to the midnight showing with Candace, Rebecca and one of Candace's friend Kelly. We had A BLAST! OH GOSH! I literally felt like one of the MANY teenagers there. We played games in the theater waiting for the movie to start, until the ushers told us it was against the fire policies to sit in the aisle. The movie began and...I was scared! I didn't have HIGH expectations because to be honest movies are NEVER as good as books. And was it? No, of course not! hahah But I LOVED the movie! There were things that I would have liked to have changed, I LOVED the actors, but on an overall I really enjoyed myself. Saturday morning I got up and went again with more people and had so much fun! After the movie, Candace and I went out to lunch and to the mall. I didn't get home until past 5 and it was a great Girls' Day out. While we were at the mall, we passed a Border's and they had lifesize cardboard cutouts of the characters and of course, us being the dorks we are, took pics with my camera kissing Edward. I accidentally knocked all the other characters over and the people who worked there came over and I just apologized and said, "Sorry, we just want to act like a bunch of teenagers for a little bit". He looks at me and Candace HOLDING her baby and laughs. I think they have been getting this a lot. Anyways, I don't know how to get the pics off my phone but if I do, I will just edit it in later.

Now, that Twilight is over, Thanksgiving crept back up. Jon's brother, Josh, came out from Minneapolis to spend it with us. The Beaners and the Kalcinich's (Sorry Ann, I know I spelt that wrong) came over and we had tons of food and fun. Josh was here for almost a week and the kids LOVED him, especially Jake. If you knew Jake you would know he HATES everyone. He took to Josh immediately and wouldn't leave him alone. Leaves me hope for when he sees the grandparents again.


The day after Thanksgiving was so much fun! Shopping, shopping, shopping! I have so much fun and do it more for the experience and the hussle and bussle than the deals that I got. Although I do take that into account. I am finally going to end this post. Most of you have probably stopped reading and just took a quick gander at the pictures. Don't worry I do that myself at times, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.