Friday, November 9, 2007

I've been tagged a billion times already

Okay, so here it is. I have been tagged like a billion times already and since I haven't posted in awhile I figured I would go ahead and do this. I haven't uploaded the pics from Halloween yet, because they are on Jon's camera, but I'll get to it this weekend. These last few weeks have been SOOO busy. Poor Jon, he had a few days off and he basically took care of the kids while I did all kinds of projects. The only time I saw him and the kids is when he would come get me and say, Jake's hungry! hah I would nurse him and hand him over and continue on with my projects and doing errands! I have been refinishing my dresser and nightstand and painted them black. Yes, I have been addicted to black! ahah I got it from Natalie, I remember her and Rebecca going through a Black stage. I also redid my front room and FINALLY printed my family pics out and got new frames and Painted my old ones to match and made a new wall in my living room. I also...joined a gym! YEA FOR ME! When we lived in Iowa, the gym was my lifesaver and just such a part of my life that I really missed it here. After doing multiple calls and researching prices I finally bit the bullet and just joined one. YEA FOR ME! I am totally loving it again and it is putting me into a schedule. Something that I have had a hard time doing since we moved here. Last month Jon was on him IM(Internal Medicine) rotation, let's just say he is SO HAPPY that he chose podiatry. This month he is doing his ID (Infectious Disease) rotation and he actually lucked out. He got the VA here and it is supposedly one of the best schedules and the one that everyone wants before boards. He usually gets home between 5-6 which is awesome! I am just glad that IM is over! Anyways, here is my "tag".

The rules are you write 6 things about yourself and then tag 6 people and let them know on their blogs that they are tagged.

1. I have always known I DETEST running. I find it so boring but I have found that I LOVE walking! I don't know what the big difference is when you are doing it on a treadmill but oh well!

2. I am a complete SAP! I cry at the stupidest things and am an emotional wreck when I go to movies! Some commercials even make me cry because I find them so sweet. Hannah even comments, Mom always cries when she watches TV.

3. I once started writing a book, and got no further than page one. Periodically I think about writing one and laugh at myself because I am a horrible writer! Jon doesn't understand how someone who reads as much as I do has a hard time writing.

4. I used to never use a dishwasher because I found it easier to wash them by hand. It wasn't until we lived in Iowa for a few years that I caved in from pressure around me and used one and absolutely LOVED IT! Although, I still love to once in awhile do them by hand because I find it somewhat soothing, don't ask!

5. I used to want to be an accountant. I LOVED MATH with a passion! My favorite was Calculus. I know, I know...but I loved figuring out problems and finding the answer! Yes, I was a nerd in highschool!

6. Everyone is going to laugh hair is almost 50 % grey if I don't dye it. Okay okay, maybe not that much but my sides are TOTALLy grey and my top is sporadically grey. Nobody believes me because I am 27 but when I let my hair grow out people start noticing and I get stopped all the time asking me my age! hahah

Okay here you go! I will tag, Candace, Michelle, Jennie, Heather, Courtney and Tonya!