Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What time is it? It's Bean's a vacation..

It's that time again for a vacay with the Beaners. Are you tired reading about them yet? Too bad! We decided to meet in Phoenix since we figured it was October and the weather would be to our advantage. Within minutes of checking into our house, I almost stepped on TWO scorpions! What a way to start a vacation. I think one of the best parts of this trip was "the wager". Now, we met the Beans in Iowa where Jon and Aaron did Podiatry school together. This is where the wagers started. All because Jon was a Bears fan and Candace was a Packers fan. Every year they have a bet on who will win and whomever loses has to do something agreed upon. One year it was a NASTY shake...and not a good kind, it had everything in it that they could find in their fridge. He almost barfed...or maybe he did. It was so long ago I couldn't remember. This year the bet took on a new meaning. If the Bears lost, Jon would have to wax his chest, if the Packers lost, Jon would be doing her makeup "really bad" and posting pictures all over facebook. Not really a fair bet if you ask me, but I am not the one betting so it's all on them! Well, the poor Bears. It seems that they just can't catch a break when it comes to these bets. Oh gosh, it was so flippin funny! Poor Jon! I would totally put up pictures of the "wager" but I don't want to embarrass him. Let's just say we have it well documented and I really think I could do this for a living. Don't worry, the kids were already in bed when we started bring out the wax! We went to the zoo, went out for dinner, went to a GHETTO inside amusement park. The kids loved it, and didn't care that it really wasn't that great.

On Saturday night we met up with the Freestone's. He also went to school with Jon and Aaron and we all lived in the same apartment complex. It was so good to see them and their not so new baby.

Can you believe all these children belong to only three couples?

Darrick and Rebecca

Zach LOVES Candace

Don't ask!

The other best friends

These two are seriously so cute together. They are little besties too! Don't you just love the picture Aliece drew?

Can't wait to do it again!

Welcome to the Family Ricky!

My brother and Richard adopted a little boy Ricky. He is so cute and fits right in with my kids. The first time I met him he ran up to me and buried his face in my hair and wouldn't let go. He stole me heart right then and there. Welcome to our family Ricky!

Girls Camp Aug 2011

My fearless Asst. Camp Director! LOVE HER!!

In August was our Girls Camp for our Church. I was called as Camp Director and I have to tell you I was SO excited! I always seem to miss the cutoff for going to camp when I work in Young Women's. I am either pregnant, just have had a baby, or moving to a different state. This year was my year and I was a leader, which was even better! I was looking forward to the crying, fighting, teasing and then of course the Make up testimony meeting where everyone is your best friend again camp. This was not how it went, it was amazing and my girls were THE BEST! I have to say sometimes I think we had a little too much fun, whether we were bombing other wards (we made paper mache bombs and filled them with candy and threw them into unsuspecting tents from other wards at midnight and 1 in the morning). We were indeed "The Bomb Squad". The camp theme were variations of SWAT team, 007, you get the idea. Justin Bieber was our mascot for the entire week of camp, he got "bombed" and his song was pretty much a constant staple to our dance parties. Of course these parties consisted of me dancing like a lunatic while the girls all laughed at me. Gotta love it! I even got the "I didn't know you could dance Sister Williamson, you know, for an old person". Oh man, I have now passed over to the dark side of ma'am, lady and no longer is it Ms. or Miss. Anyways, these girls were amazing and we had so much fun together, especially my Asst. Camp Director. We are two peas in a pod and seriously we were the loudest ward there, and of course the messiest. I can't wait till next year, I have already told them they better not replace me because I am going whether they call me or not.

Everyone together! Do you like our shirts?

Bieber getting "bombed".

You can't go anywhere without Jacob with these girls. This was also placed on the latrine door.

These girls seriously bring out the young girl in me. I sometimes felt like one of the young women instead of the leader. So here's to camp next year! Can't wait.