Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lemonade, Lemonade, get your Lemonade

It finally happened. The kids have been begging to do a lemonade stand and mom broke. This "little" lemonade stand took a lot of work.....FOR MOM! The kids were in charge of making posters, making the lemonade, selling and everything HOWEVER, mom was right behind them "helping" them with everything. They did this with their cousins and atleast they had fun because they made NO money.

Our first and almost ONLY customer. Mom and Aunt were among their best customers buying everything a few times over.

They told Jake to stand in front and look cute...he got a litte tired acting cute. The one time he was dancing around, a customer came and he started yelling, "I did it! I did it! I'm cute!".

These little boys are trouble makers. Don't let the cute smiles fool you. All in all, they had fun and made a few dollars each. Of course, we started with them paying for their supplies, however if I made them pay they would have still owed me money because they didn't turn a profit. Chalk it up to life experience!

Happy Belated Birthday Hannah

My Hannie turned 9 in May! She is such a sweet girl who is such a big helper to me. She reminds me of myself at times and not always the good times. I am so proud of this girl and who she is becoming. She is the first to do her chores and do them well. She really wants to start gymnastics but mom is a little slow in the get go and has to get her bum in gear. She just finished third grade and is such a nice friend to all her classmates. Hannah, I love you so much. Thank you for being a great daughter and sister.

Her cousins had a soccer game on her birthday which she wanted to go to. So, since it was her birthday and we had been promising her cousins we would go to ATLEAST one game we headed out for a double header. Hannah had a ball and she LOVES her cousins. Liece and Ash did so well and are little sport fiends.

This is my girl! Just like her momma!

Laying Down Roots

So in preparation for summer, we have been working on our backyard. When we bought the house is was all rock! We (as in my husband and his brother) built a sandbox for the kids, we layed sod, made a garden and put up a swing set. Yea...I have no pictures of this, except for proof that we are indeed putting in grass.

Ella can be found here all day long. She loves watching the other dogs in our neighbors yard. We are waiting for her to fall because IT WILL happen. The kids had so much fun this day and were quite helpful. Zach is our little hard worker who wants to be involved in every single project that Jon is doing. Our poor little Hannah had an accident and fell head first off the truck onto the cement but luckily only had a few bruises and a few scrapes and a BIG bump. As a Williamson she has her Daddy's head!

Happy Birthday Jake

Just because they are cute!

Here I find myself playing catch up again. Jake turned four in March. WOW! Four years old already and I look up at my calendar and find myself in July. This little boy loves anything to do with police. He is such a sweetheart. One thing I found out a few weeks ago is this boy is a fish! He loves to swim, he loves his sister and big brother. He is definetely my crazy little boy. He has the sweetest voice and I am serious when I say this little boy is a cuddler and kisser. Happy Birthday Jakey!