Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Laying Down Roots

So in preparation for summer, we have been working on our backyard. When we bought the house is was all rock! We (as in my husband and his brother) built a sandbox for the kids, we layed sod, made a garden and put up a swing set. Yea...I have no pictures of this, except for proof that we are indeed putting in grass.

Ella can be found here all day long. She loves watching the other dogs in our neighbors yard. We are waiting for her to fall because IT WILL happen. The kids had so much fun this day and were quite helpful. Zach is our little hard worker who wants to be involved in every single project that Jon is doing. Our poor little Hannah had an accident and fell head first off the truck onto the cement but luckily only had a few bruises and a few scrapes and a BIG bump. As a Williamson she has her Daddy's head!

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