Sunday, September 7, 2008

First Days of School and Birthday fun!

Hannah's first day of school was on Tuesday and she was so excited! Now that the first week has passed, we are happy to report she loves her teacher and is loving school! I did tear up on Wednesday because it was the first day of ALL DAY school for her. I didn't even get sad when she started Kindergarten, but I did for 1st grade. Zach also started a little pre-school on Thursday and he LOVES it! He didn't want to come home on Thursday, and I had to pick him up and carry him out. hahah

School started which means, Zach's birthday! He turned 4 on Wednesday and Darn it! He's just so darn cute! Jon took the boys to Home Depot on Saturday morning (Zach's birthday party day) and they came home in these cute Home Depot aprons! I about died, they looked so cute! For months he has been talking about either a Teletubby cake or a Diego cake. So when we finally sat down to pick one, he ended up wanting a ball cake! hahaha Go figure! He got a new baseball glove and ball for his birthday, so it worked out that I had planned a sports theme when in reality it just so happened what I had! Here are a few pics of the cake and kids!
This last week has been so much fun but already it's getting busy! Soccer has started, school has started, and free time has been cut. I hope everyone is doing well and I'll update soon.