Monday, February 25, 2008

Vacation to NM

We were able to go back to NM for a week at the end of January. It was so nice to be back home and the weather was SUCH A TREAT! We had so much fun seeing our families and doing so much! We were only there a week so we had to crunch in as many people as we could in such a small time. Sorry all you NM friends if we didn't tell you we were coming! We didn't have a lot of time and our priority was to our family. We got in Saturday night and just ate and went to sleep. Sunday we went to Jon's family ward. We were all dressed and ready to go when I called Zach to go, I found him asleep on the stairs. Needless to say he didn't go to church that day.

After church we had dinner and a few friends came over to visit us! Karina and Rob and their kiddos came over, they were passing through and stopped by. Tons of fun to see them again, unfortunately they missed the kids because they had a sleep over at my parents house. The rest of the week was played out with both families, splitting time. It was tons of fun! We also snuck in a little time for friends. I got to see my friend Teri, ( I used to work at Allegiance with her) and the Reitz'. We also went to the museum, Explora! For all you people, this was SO MUCH FUN! Zach had a ball! I could just see his little mind working overtime.
This is at the Explora Museum! They had the coolest elevator! I can't believe I didn't take a pic of it!
These are our really good friends the Reitz's! Whenever we go to NM we ALWAYS go to Fuddruckers with them. We also were able to get together for an evening and have dinner at their house. They have a little boy, Asher who is so cute! He just turned 2. If you noticed, Zach had an accident and had to go around the rest of the evening in a diaper and shirt. Of course compared to Michigan, it felt like summer outside! haha We still got plenty of looks! Corey still spends an exhorbiant amount of money on these machines! Although, he ALWAYS wins! Lucky guy!
The Williamson cousins

My bro-in-law trying to act cool.

Grandpa and kids. Jon and his dad took the kids to the Crest, which is the top of the Sandia Mountains. It's really pretty there and it overlooks the entire city! It's really pretty at night. I took the day off and visited a few friends, Teri and Jess.
Teri and me. Yes, this is my sexy look! haha

Jon's brother and sister. Sorry guys, I had to put this pic up!

The day before we left we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese's with my parents and Jon's parents. This is my mom with Jake!

The kids were so ecstatic to see their cousins and of course their grandparents. Zach just followed Grandpa's around everywhere they went wanting to "help". I was really proud of him, he didn't break too many things this time either. Of course we won't mention the fan AGAIN! Yes, the same one. It was good to see Jon get away from work and relax again. We didn't want to come home at the end of the week but unfortunately Jon had to start his General Surgery rotation. Can I say EWW?? All you people who do this, YOU ARE CRAZY! You hear me ANN!! haha This is his last week of GS and Boy am I glad. We even got a babysitter for this Saturday to go out on a date! YEA! Any ideas people, besides dinner? I have kept really busy this month, while Jon has been gone. I decided to bite the bullet and paint the house. Of course I have only got the kitchen and my bedroom painted. It is a lot more work than I thought! I am taking a week off or so until I get the motivation to finish and pick out the colors I want for the other rooms. Jake also took his first step yesterday. I can't believe it, I just want him to stay my baby. Dang it, they have to grow up. Well, I finally posted about our trip, a month late, but better late than never.