Thursday, October 16, 2008

Picture Time!

Here are our family pictures! Zach and Jake were NOT happy doing these, luckily we got a few smiles.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

'Da Bears

Jon and I were able to go to a Bear's game this last Sunday. If you know my husband you would know he is the the world's biggest Bear's fan. He has loved them since he was a kid, and even when they were horrible. We had so much fun together! The Bears won, of course, and the fans were so wild! Never having gone to a professional game (I have gone to MANY Lobo Football games in college though), I had a ball! Between everyone calling each other names and the screaming I was exhausted! We went and picked up the kids from our friend's house, THANK YOU ANN, and went home. Just wanted to share a few pics from the game.
Do you like Urlacher's butt?
And just because they are cute, this is what I found this last week when I went outside to check on the boys. Yes, I had just given Jake a bath!
I just realized I haven't taken any pics of Hannah because she has been at school. Oops! We took family pictures last weekend, so for my next post I will have my new family pics! YEA!