Wednesday, October 8, 2008

'Da Bears

Jon and I were able to go to a Bear's game this last Sunday. If you know my husband you would know he is the the world's biggest Bear's fan. He has loved them since he was a kid, and even when they were horrible. We had so much fun together! The Bears won, of course, and the fans were so wild! Never having gone to a professional game (I have gone to MANY Lobo Football games in college though), I had a ball! Between everyone calling each other names and the screaming I was exhausted! We went and picked up the kids from our friend's house, THANK YOU ANN, and went home. Just wanted to share a few pics from the game.
Do you like Urlacher's butt?
And just because they are cute, this is what I found this last week when I went outside to check on the boys. Yes, I had just given Jake a bath!
I just realized I haven't taken any pics of Hannah because she has been at school. Oops! We took family pictures last weekend, so for my next post I will have my new family pics! YEA!


Rob and Karina said...

Sound like fun! I love going to football games, although I've only been to a few ASU games, no professional. I can't believe how much Jake looks like Zack, are you sure that was Jake, I still don't believe it!

The Kalcichs said...

I'm so glad you guys could go! You make great "Bears Fans!" It was so fun having your kids. They are welcome anytime!

The Broadbent Family said...

Nice... well Bear fans... sorry to tell you our Broncos are 4-1 compared to your 3-2. Ha ha.. are pro games so much fun. We've done Bronco's and Yankees this year. It's been a blast.

I have to take my little one though!

Glad to be able to keep tabs with you on your blog.

Courtney said...

The game looks like it was fun and as always your boys are so cute! What else are you up to lately?

shelbell said...

I can totally hear Jon saying "Da Bears" in my head. Glad you guys got to go to the game.
Those dirty boys!