Thursday, July 26, 2007

Anniversary, Sleepover and playtimes

Okay, so our anniversary was on the 16th. Jon got me some beautiful flowers! I just wanted to post a pic of them because I thought they were so pretty.
The last few days have been hectic but lots of fun. The Movie theater here have free movies on Wednesday's that show kid movies, so we packed up and went to the movies. The movie was Flushed Away, which was way cute. The kids were great, except for two bathroom breaks, and having to ask a total stranger to hold Jake because my hands were full but it's a good thing that there are nice people out there to help out. After the movie we went to the Bean's for lunch and Ashlyn packed her bags to have a sleepover at our house. Boy, were the kids excited! All evening they played and played and I finally turned off the lights and told them to go to bed and within minutes they were konked out on the floor in our basement! They looked soo cute I had to take some pics.

They woke up early in the morning, but let me sleep in while they watched some cartoons. Jon ended up getting called in and so he missed the whole evening which consisted of painting nails, putting on makeup, doing hair and playing with playdough. Hannah has already asked me when we can have another one and I just need to sleep first before I even THINK about another one. They were great though and I don't have any complaints! These other pics I took because I was going through the pictures and didn't find any pics of me with the kids so Hannah helped me out and took these pics! I think she did a pretty good job.

This ended our fun few days when the Beaners came over for dinner for enchildas, beans, rice and enchiladas! YUMMY!! And I made homemade oreo's (which I got off of Erica's blog)!


Jeff and Alison said...

Aaaw! I am soo jealous. If I can steal the words from Becky T. "Sniff, Sniff." You guys look like you had fun. The flowers are beautiful and the girls adorable. Bella, I'm still diggin' your hair color (uh, I'm going on 7 months with that same color--Call Guiness Book of World Records)!! Tell everyone on there "Hello" from us!


Jeff and Alison said...

Sorry, it's late---correction...Tell everyone OUT there, "Hi."

Erica said...

Way FUN! you're such a cool mommy! I can't wait til ella has her first sleepover...but I'm going to not suggest that for a while :) erica likes her sleep! I hope your oreos turned out!

Jamie Lyn said...

Those pictures of the kids are so cute. I cant believe that it has already been eight years. We will be going nine! The baby he is so cute. And with gettting the middle one to go pottu throw him a party everytime. That is what we had to with alex. It worked wonderful.


the bean family said...

lOOK At those cute little monkies! It is my turn next time! And I am already dredding (sp?) getting no sleep. But when they have sooo much fun to it hard to turn them down...right?

Jamie Lyn said...

Oh it was a much needed break for all. The baby his name is Ethan and he is a handful. The boys have had such a good time up there. they fly home on saturday! So where do you guys live in mi because my sisterinlaw lives in troy.