Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New York Fun

Uncle Brian's Cabin

In June, we were able to visit Jon's Uncle Brian's Cabin in New York! We had so much fun and the kids loved it! Hannah even got her first ride in a canoe (sorry no pics). We spent time hiking, canoeing, and swimming. I also am posting a BEAUTIFUL pic of me at 29 weeks! I told you I won't be camera shy! Love it or hate it!


The Kalcichs said...

Bella, I miss you! When are we going to hang out? You're looking great!

The Jones Fam said...

What is this about you having a baby? That's awesome! Sorry I'm a little slow..

Karin said...

What a loser I am! I'm so glad I"ve finally checked your blog to know you are preggo. Congrats!!! A girl? So fun! You get 2 of each now. I'm exactly 10 weeks behind you, and very jealous of that!