Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hannah's Birthday


Hannah turned 7 in May and she had a total girl party. I have a few words to say.....It's all DRAMA!! I had one girl in particular who just cried almost the entire party...about EVERYTHING!!! We started off painting nails, and YES JON did the girls' nails too! I should have gotten a picture of him doing this, but I was a little busy! Anyways, I can't believe she is 7! Since I think it's fun here is a before and after of her! Look how cute she is!!

Hours old 2 years old 7 years old

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Woods: said...

It's been too long since your last post! :) It sounds like you guys are as busy as ever! And YOU are as cute as ever! 29 weeks?! No fair! You look darling AND you're getting closer to meeting your baby girl! Loved the campout story! You are a crack up! We miss you guys! Keep in touch!