Wednesday, December 23, 2009


So, this year I was debating whether or not to take family pictures. I won't go into detail, let's just say it's vain and not really a good reason. I am also, if you know me, cheap. We went over to our friends' house, the Bean's, and took turns taking pictures in her house because it was too cold to go outside. You can't beat free and with a little work we were able to get a few pics. The kids didn't last long though and having 7 children running around not wanting to take pictures, and only wanting to play does not make it easy. I think it was pretty impressive that we actually got a few with our own children in it. And yes, I realize that I don't have an individual of Zach, let's just say he was tired. I'll get one of him later!
Hannah age 7 Jake age 2 1/2 Ella 3 months
Han's best friend, Ashlyn
Merry Christmas everyone!

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The Jones Fam said...

those pictures look really good Bella. We tried to do the same thing, but ours turned out really bad. Hope you guys had a merry Christmas!