Saturday, January 16, 2010

Merry Be-lated Christmas

Christmas has come and gone but I thought I would do a little catch up with the happenings of our household. On Christmas Eve, we made gingerbread sleighs. The kids had a ton of fun and couldn't wait to eat them as soon as they were done making them. But I told them that Santa wanted to see them first, so we put them on display for the big man. Christmas morning was a blast! Hannah woke up first and came into our room and crawled in bed with us and was going to wait for us to wake up, but I was so excited that I told her to go see if the cookies and milk were gone and if they were to come get us because that means Santa has come. Well...they were gone and so she went and got Zach and Jake to look and we all bundled downstairs. I love having kids on Christmas! They make this holiday so wonderful! After the presents were all done, it was time to do some cooking. After putting the rolls on, and making two homemade apple pies and two chocolate pies, my oven broke. The rolls had finished rising and the pies needed to be cooked, not a very good way to start the Christmas dinner but I can live with this. I call up Candace and tell her to make room in her oven for 3 dozen rolls and two apple pies and that we are coming over a little early. We get all the kids together and arrive at her house, only to find about 10 minutes after we get there, for Jake to start throwing up. We think it is because I am a bad mom and have neglected my children and he hasn't eaten ANYTHING except candy all day. I forgot to make him lunch because he was napping when everyone else ate. So, we think it's okay, and he runs off. He throws up three more times and now we have to leave. Who knows if its the candy or maybe he's sick. We leave to come home, put the kids to bed and go get McDonald's for dinner. And yes, I always made fun of McDonald's being open on Christmas and thought, "Who would ever eat McDonald's on Christmas?" Well, we are among the proud who ate McDonald's at Christmas. The next day he was fine, and everyone was fine. Sunday night started our rounds of everyone taking turns throwing up. It's not fun being up a sick kid, then you, yourself throwing up and then trying to nurse a baby. Talk about no sleep! Luckily it lasted only like 12 hours and we were all good again. So, Christmas was great but I'm still a little bitter that I spent all day baking and wasn't able to eat my spoils! Dang it! hahaha


Heather Rigby said...

Oh, I feel for you, we all got sick over Christmas Break as well.

Beth said...

Nice blog with nice picture of enjoying the Christmas and great time opening the gifts. Your blog looks cool :) Have a great New Year :)