Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lake Powell 2015

Right now my life consists of Girls Camp! Man oh man.  Hordes of stuff piled around my house, different rooms, my dining room table and my bedroom.  Poor Jon, he's handling this really well and has been patient will all this "stuff".  We just returned from Lake Powell with Jon's side of the family.  It's been a few years since we've been there and the kids (including myself) were REALLY excited! It did not disappoint.  It was fabulous! I remember one year where it was SO HOT the first day and I was so miserable I didn't know if I could continue on for four more days.  This year, the weather was great! Evenings were a little windy but I would rather the wind to cool down while we are trying to sleep.  It honestly made my heart so happy to see Jon be able to spend QUALITY time with the kids.  As an adult, Lake Powell is not the carefree fun that I remember even before we had kids.  It is planned, planned again, work, clean, work, clean and reminders of sunscreen and wearing your hat!  But it is also a time that we get to spend with our entire family fishing, boating, swimming, and YES eating.  We play games together, the kids play together.  I watched Jon patiently teach our boys to fish.  To tie on their lures, only to have them "catch".  To do it again and again.  To show Ella how to cast her first fishing pole over and over.  To take Hannah out boating time and time again on Big Bertha (inner tube).  One special moment this trip is when we were on Uncle Pinky's pontoon boat jumping off cliff's and the boys were struggling to swim to the boat.  I was on the boat telling them they had to swim a little faster because the current was moving us right into them.  (No, not in a dangerous way just in a way they had to move!)  Well Hannah swam first got there and went back for Jake first and pulled him to the boat first and then went back and grabbed Zach and helped him up and then last, came up herself.  I didn't say anything but I treasured that little bit of heaven.  It is so rare to see these kids show love for each other.  You might laugh at that but then you don't have kids and CLEARLY don't understand.

Well another year down in the books!  Enjoy!

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