Saturday, October 30, 2010

Vegas Vacay!

We went to Vegas at the end of September and met up with the Beaners. We had so much fun and we missed the Beaners so much! Our kids were in heaven, playing with their friends and swimming, swimming, swimming.
So what did we do in Vegas? Two and swim. We went to the strip for a few buffets, and a lot of food. Holy cow!

This was hilarious!!! The boys each had to pick three or four things and make creations for each other to make. It looked NASTY but man did we have fun! Between the chaos of our children and worse, the LOUD and obnoxious adults we were a sight to behold. The waitress was ready for us to leave before we sat down!

Okay, seriously is this not what you expected? We went to the M&M store and saw this and of course had to take pics with it.

We also went to Circus Circus and let the kids play a few games and of course the adults get in on the action too. Candace and I went rock climbing and had a race, of course I don't have those pics. But darn it, she beat me! I want a rematch!

On our way home, we stopped by Hoover Dam and let the kids out.

We got home and we are totally ready for another vacation! We had so much fun! Thanks for meeting us Beans!!!

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