Saturday, October 30, 2010

Birthday Fun!

Happy Birthday Ella!

My little Ellie just turned one a few months ago! I can't believe she is already OVER one. She took her first steps a few weeks ago and is fast growing up. She is such a daddy's girl and her first word was in fact "dadda". Although "momma" came in second, but not for a good month of hearing dadda's name everyday, all day long.
Happy Birthday Zach!
Zach turned 6 September 3 and he had a little birthday party with family. Zach is such a sweet boy! He loves playing, playing, playing. Everyday he can be found playing outside, with "bubba" (Jake). I love this little boy! He genuinely cares about his siblings and has such a tender heart. I know I have mentioned Zach's love for K'Nex, he got a new package for his birthday and spent the next 3 or 4 days building this. That boy has such an imagination! Happy Birthday Zach!

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