Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Year's Resolution in August

I really want to do better at blogging.  Since we have moved back to New Mexico the importance of blogging has been pushed on the back burner. I don't need to immediately update the blog with new pictures and outtings because my family wants to see the kids, even with my parents on a mission we skype with them every week so they rarely if never get on the blog anymore.  With all this said, I really want to have a little keepsake of our lives.  The kids can look back and one day say, "Look, mom and dad really did do things with us." I also still enjoy reading my friends' blogs because we don't live near each other anymore. 

Jon and I were talking the other day and reminsicing about the good ole days of med school and residency and it made me homesick.  Homesick for Iowa and Michigan, which of course hold such a dear place in my heart.  I know it is easier to remember the good times rather than the hard ones, basically the whole first year of residency where I just had baby number 3 and cried the entire year because Jake cried and Jon was never home. But, I still look back with fond memories.  I miss the friends we made, the friends we haven't kept in contact with, and the friends we still get to see and hang out with, even if it is only a few times a year.  It was just the time in our life that we can't repeat and it's a little sad.  Of course, I LOVE living here. I LOVE being back in New Mexico and being near family and my friends here are amazing.  It's just a little sad that we can't relive some of the good times either, which I know sounds silly and of course ridiculous but sometimes I miss it.

Just a quick update before I try to update this entire blog with new entries of what's been going on.  We are doing well here.  Hannah started 5th grade and loves her new teacher.  I can't believe she is almost in mid school! She has become such a responsible young lady this year, and tries to be mom to her younger siblings.  She is so excited to start babysitting.  Zach started 3rd grade this year.  He still is enthralled with all things Titanic and Warthogs and F-16's.  He really wants to either be an astronaut or he wants to be a pilot.  He is constantly wanting to learn things and LOVES documentaries..(not my kid I tell you). Jake started Kindergarten and is still so sweet. His new teacher seems really nice, a big ole' Grandpa. Jake follows Zach around wanting to do everything and anything that his big brother does. They are little buddies.  Ella will start preschool only a few times a week, she turns 3 in a week.  My baby is 3!!! Where did the time go. She is a fireball with the most beautiful eyes and sweetest smile, just be careful if you get too close and your not mom and dad.  You will get her evil eye and probably some sort of spit or a scream saying, "Not the mama".  We love her so much and is missing her big siblings when they are in school. 
Jon is doing really well at work.  He's pretty  busy, but still finds plenty of time for us.  He is busy at callings at church and being a dad while I am off galavanting at times.  As for me, I am doing great.  Church, home, kids, life keeps me really busy! I am working with the Young Women's program and of course loving it! I was also the camp director this year, which was amazing.  I LOVE working with the youth, maybe because it brings out my young side (like I have a problem with this).  Well, here's to updating this blog and getting it up to date!

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Heather Rigby said...

Hooray! I'm so glad you're blogging again, I love your updates.
Glad everyone is doing well.