Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More Vegas?

It seems like I am forever updating this blog. The posts keep getting shorter and shorter as I try to speed race my way through our life. Oh well, atleast I am trying to keep up! Life has been crazy and exciting and we have been having fun and being busy. In February, we met up with the Beans and went to Vegas. Yes, Vegas...again! We were actually trying to go to Phoenix but it didn't work out. We couldn't find a reasonably priced house to rent, or one big enough to fit all of us, so Vegas here we come. We actually had A BLAST! Okay I can share this because, 1. Candace is my best friend and I love her to death and 2. Let's be honest sometimes we fight like sisters. I always say she is the sister I never had. We left on a Thursday and drove half way there and stayed the night in Flagstaff. Friday morning we got to Vegas, met up with the Beans at a park, got Candace out of her bad mood (that's right I'm talking to you Candace!), and let the kids play. We went to the Treasure Island Buffet and spent the next few hours eating, being stared at, and of course eating. I do feel a little bad about people having to sit next to us because we are not quiet, but then again neither is Vegas. The next day we went to the Mirage to the Dolphin Exhibit and Lion and Tiger Exhibit. The kids had a ball and were so mesmerized by the dolphins. We had so much fun here and I thought it was WAY better than the zoo. It seems everytime we go to the zoo, we never see any animals. We walk and walk and walk and hours later we have seen maybe three animals. The Tigers were so upclose and it was so awesome! We then of course went to....another buffet. Let the kids go wild with the food, we went a little wild and then headed home. I am so glad that our kids get along so well and they each have a little playmate. My boys love her girls...which is good for now. We are not looking forward to the time when they get old enough that they can't share a room and we have to start worrying about crushes. It's only a matter of time though because Candace's girls are beautiful! We also took the kids to the movies and hot tubbed and watched lots of Operation Repo!

Here is a pic of Candace at the Kim Kardashian store! hahaha Gotta love this!

Well another trip down and a success. It was a bit short but we packed a lot into the time we had. Here's to the next one!

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