Sunday, May 30, 2010

May Fun

Easter was great! We had a little Easter Egg Hunt at our house in the afternoon and the kid's loved it! Of course who doesn't love searching for eggs filled with candy. This is posted a bit late, but it was very low key and nice. We had dinner with the Beans the night before and the kid's were out of control as usual. We loved it.

May was so busy and I can't believe it is over. Hannah's birthday was on the 7th and it was one of the easiest birthday's ever! The only thing she wanted was to have the Bean's over and have a Banana Cream Pie. That's it! No fuss, no games, just dinner and dessert and a sleepover. It was awesome and I can't believe my little girl is 8. Hannah is such a sweet girl who LOVES her baby sister. She is an avid reader and loves her friends. She is such a little momma and I usually find her "telling her brothers" what they can and can't do in my voice. She still loves Barbies and Webkinz.

Something I have been talking about constantly is my need to get to the zoo! I have been trying since Feb and the schedules finally worked out where we had a free Saturday morning. Something I really noticed while being there is the fact that we definitely had the most kids! Although I think 4 kids is a lot, it's not outrageous and the looks we get makes us laugh.

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