Sunday, January 8, 2012

Grandkid pictures June 2011...yes it is January

These are some pictures I forgot to post. We took all of the Williamson side grandkids and for my mother-in-law's birthday made a collage. I will post the group shots and of course just my kids. I think they turned out great even if they were taken in June and it is already January! I'm still catching up.

All the girls! All the boys!
My kiddos

It's funny how everyone has changed so much! From cutting off Hannah's hair, to Ella having bangs now, to Zach getting glasses it's time for new one's! Of course before that we really need to have family pictures taken because our last family picture was when Jake was 18 months old. I WILL GET THIS Done....hopefully come spring time so we can be outside. These pictures are also almost overdated because we have two more grandkids coming into our family come March. My bro-in-law is getting married and she has two adorable girls! So, time to get more done dang it!

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