Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lake Powell 2011

My newphew!

My fishermen!


Grandpa Williamson

Aunt Jean

Grandma Williamson

We actually got to Lake Powell this year! Jon's side of the family has gone every year for, well since forever. We were able to go the year before we were married and a few years after until we started having kids, moving to various places of the US and just not being able to make it! We were so excited to be able to go back again! WOW! Was it different than we were used to. It was probably because instead of it being laid back and carefree, no kids, and doing whatever we wanted. EVERYONE now had kids. It is now all about them and making memories! It was still a lot of fun, but a little more taxing. I don't think as a kid that you realize how much effort it is to go on a vacation or camping or pretty much to the grocery store without first PREPARING. Now, as an adult and mother to four beautiful children I have to say that vacations are not what they used to be. I know this will change as they get older and become more independent but until then we will just enjoy this stage in life. The kids had a BLAST and I found out Jake was a little fish! He loves to swim and swam almost all day long, every day! Zach was content sitting in his chair, fishing with a soda in his hand. He even caught two fish. The first one he reeled in and ran away when the fish showed up and the second he pulled to the shore and got a little closer. He was my little fisherman. Hannah and Aliece were inseparable, even sharing a tent together and swam all day long. Ella did so good and wandered around with some adult following her and found out she liked the water. It was so nice to be back and we can't wait to go next year.

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