Thursday, May 1, 2008

About the hubby

Okay, sorry Tonya! I am finally getting to this after being tagged awhile back!

What is his name? Jonathan Levi Williamson Aka: Jon or Jonny

How long have you been married? almost 9 years
How long did you date? We met in the end of Nov 98' and were married July 99'. So that makes it, 8 1/2 months.

How old is he? 31
Who eats more sweets? DEFINETELY HIM!

Who is taller? Jon....hahahah Atleast he is taller than somebody! J/K love ya!

Who can sing better? Let's just say we could both be on American Idol and be the one's they make fun of.

Who is smarter? Depends on what subject.

Who does the laundry? It's all on me!

Who pays the bills? me, me and me! When we first got married he did them, but once Hannah was born I took over the duties.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do, although I always end up snuggled up to him.
Who mows the lawn? We both mow the lawn, although Jon definetely does it more than me!

Who cooks dinner? Me! If Jon ever cooks, it is take-out!

Who drives? 99% of the time Jon.
Who is more stubborn? DEFINETELY ME!

Who asked who out first? Jon did, it was after a family home evening activity and we went to dinner with my friend and his friend.

Who has more siblings? He does.

Who wears the pants? I think Jon does more than me. We both have a say but I can NEVER make up my mind so I always leave it to him.

Who saves, who spends? I am definetely the saver! I would save EVERYTHING and not buy anything if it was up to me. Jon isn't a HUGE spender though either, if he spends it is a big purchase once a year or so.

What is one of his quirks? Hahahah Jon has RLS, so he is forever moving his legs and feet in bed WHILE he is sleeping. Sometimes it really keeps me up and I kick him so he will stop.

Who farts more? HAHA I DO! And mine stink worse too!
I tag Candace, Jennie and Jamie.


the bean family said...

It is about freakin time!!! I am glad that you did this one. I thought it was cute. And way to go honest Abe! You just cant help your self! You always blame farting on your husband even if you do it more.! I laughed though!

Jeff and Alison said...

That is really cute! I have to say a bit more information than I needed though (just kidding-it was funny!)

I LOVE THE PICTURE of you two!! You two are getting better with time :)

Miss ya!

Rob and Karina said...

I love it! So great to learn more about Jonny-boy!

shelbell said...

Ok, that last one had me a little stumped! Seriously?? hehehe
Don't worry, Corey doesn't cook much either...Dion's pizza is his idea of slaving in the kitchen:)

The Nielsen Family said...


tonya said...

Bella you are too funny. I am so proud of you for adimitting that you fart more. It is good to see that Hannah had a great birthday. For some reason it was so hard for me to see McKena turn six. I do not know why it seemed so big. It all happens to fast.