Thursday, June 14, 2007


Okay so it is official, we have two graduates in the month of May, Jon and Hannah. Graduation was a pretty hectic time, between moving, graduation and everybody being in town, we were just excited to have each event pass behind us. It was a lot of fun though having everybody here and celebrate with us. Our second graduate was Hannah. Okay, so I know what you're thinking, pre-school is not really a REAL graduation, but to a 5 year old it is. Hannah was so excited to wear her cap and gown and sing us her songs. Her little program was adorable, below is a picture of her with her teachers.

Since I am beginning this blog, I figure I should also mention that we added a new member to our family. Jacob Thomas Williamson was born March 28, 2007 weighing a whopping 9lbs 5oz. He is now two months old and going on 15 1/2-16 pounds! He is such a CHUNKER! I laugh because Hannah was 17 pounds at a year old and Jake almost weighs as much as she did at 2 months! Zach is still just such a boy. He is daddy's little helper and really wants nothing to do with mom. He is constantly outside from 8:00 in the morning until naptime and then he heads back outside until dinner and bathtime.


Dan and Amanda Arrhenius said...

Bella! Hey we miss you guys already! I hope that everything is going well in Michigan. YOu look so hot htis picture, whoo-wee! Well Let's make sure to keep in touch! Good lick, love ya!

Erica said...

K so stoked that you started a blog! Congrats on the whole graduation, moving on with your life thing! I still have that couch cover for ya?! :)

Rob and Karina said...

That's so funny that Amanda said that cause I was going to say the same thing, you look so HOT in John's grad. pict.!!

shelbell said...

Way to go girl! I can't wait to add your page to "my favorites." Your littl guy is too sweet(wow...15 lbs!). Great to see you guys are settling into your new place and doing great! Will we see you guys anytime soon??